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Sunday Gratitude – June 22, 2014

What a great week I had!  No, nothing spectacular, just a great ole appreciation for life in general.  I choose not to focus on the negative and was about to do a post on “Feeling like I suck as a mother” but didn’t and then lost the urge.  Was one of those moments we all feel as parents at one time or another and like all else:  “This too shall pass”.  Which of course, it did.  Sure, we can focus on the things that bum us out or make us feel crappy but, and I totally believe in the Law of Attraction, it will only bring more!  Not worth it in my book!


Gratitude List

  1. Summer is officially here!

  2. Good, strong legs helped me bike 72 km on Saturday.

  3. Though I took a major wipeout on my bicycle, nothing was broken and I was able to finish my trip, bruises and all.

  4. My son enjoys his new job and the people he works with.

  5. The neighbours were away for two nights in a row!  We were able to sit in front of the fire in peace and tranquility.

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