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Sunday Gratitude – July 6, 2014

Where did June go?  In the beginning of the month I feared we’d have the same type of month of June like last year:  cold, miserable, totally un-summer-like!  Nope.  This has been a most beautiful month on the whole.  Lovely little heat waves to warm our bodies, our gardens, our pools.  Rains that came, just in the nick of time (though we probably could have had a bit more!) Wonderfully warm evenings begging me to “stay just one more minute on the front stoop”.  The garden is blooming (I’ve frankly lost control of the weeds…) and I’ve enjoyed sugar snap peas, radishes and a few cherry tomatoes: yellow, orange and red.  I have to snap them up when I see ’em or I lose them to my son!

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We’re preparing for our little getaway to New Hampshire, more particularly Mount Washington with my sister and her family.  Cannot wait!  Must finish packing my clothes and put them into the trailer.  We leave bright and early!  It will be nice to put our feet up, relax, read, and of course, climb the mountain!  It’s going to be quite the workout I’m sure!  Last year’s Whiteface was quite the challenge and it’s a smaller mountain!  Gulp!

Gratitude List

  1. I am so happy we have great neighbours to take care of our house and garden when we are away.

  2. I so love the warm evenings with the perfect amount of breeze.  I swear I could stay out all night!

  3. Tomatoes picked directly from the garden (especially the grape or cherry ones), still warm from the sun.  Nothing else is needed, no salt, no oil, no vinegar… just tomatoes!  Natures little candies!

  4. The rhythm of the days.  Though there are things to be done, the urgency is minimal and when there is a deadline, it’s doesn’t feel like a chore.

  5. Happy, happy clients who let me know that they are tremendously pleased with the food they’ve received from me so far.  They repeat it week after week that I have eased their load and kept their bellies full!

  6. Being able to, spur of the moment, share my meal with the neighbours:  joining our meals together so there is not just one “slave” in the kitchen!

  7. Omigosh!  How could I almost forget!  THANK YOU!  To my fabulous husband who fixed my gas oven… It will be so much easier to prepare food for clients with a working one! xoxo!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – July 6, 2014

  1. Enjoy your “gratitude” missives. I use them for my own…you save me from having to think up my own. Thank you for that! Have a wonderful holiday with family. We’ll catch up when you get back…R.


  2. Dale, I can’t wait until my garden catches up to yours. So far we have had so many strawberries my granddaughter told me she’s tired of them, something none of us had ever heard before 😊 but even with the amount we’ve eaten and given away I still have a good 4.5 quarts sliced and frozen. The radishes came in nicely here too. Yesterday I pulled the last of them and transplanted my ground cherries in their place.

    As for my Sunday’s gratitude, I was grateful that at 8:30 I finally had some private time after family being here since Friday morning.


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