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Sunday Gratitude – August 24, 2014

Ohh la la!  It’s past 9:00 p.m. and I still haven’t written my Sunday post!  Why?  Because it’s been such a fabulously full week-end and I’ve only just sat down!

Each of my sisters had us over for dinner on Friday and Saturday and today we went to pick the first Paula Red apples from our friend’s orchard.

Not only THAT, We also participated (well a gang of us, anyway) in the ALS ice bucket challenge as, in my sisters’ and my case, our neighbour died from the disease and also, my hubby’s mentor just passed away less than a year ago from the same disease.  I wanted to insert our video but unfortunately, it did not turn out so well!  So instead, here’s the video on how it all started…

I’ll take a moment to mention this ice bucket challenge as so many people are fed up of hearing about it.  I say, keep it going!  This is one of those rare diseases that has never before received such attention.  The more attention it gets, the more research can go into finding a cure.  So please, donate and/or do the challenge to bring more attention to it!


Happy 22nd birthday, Jennifer!

Happy 22nd birthday, Jennifer!

Gratitude List

  1. How wonderful to spend an evening at my sister Tracy’s with her family and fun neighbours, who just happen to crash…

  2. Every year I so look forward to going to my sister Lisa’s for her annual BBQ – that just so happens to fall on Jennifer’s birthday – and where all the extended family and cousins and friends all gather.

  3. How fun is it that in 22 years of celebrating Jennifer (Happy Birthday again, Niece!), the sun always shines… we may have gotten sprinkles once or twice only!

  4. Being able to pick apples at just the right time at a friend’s orchard (see you in 2 weeks, David, for the pears!) with which I will make jellies with and without hot peppers… yum!

  5. So happy to have been chosen to test four recipes (at least) for an upcoming cookbook – putting my skills to the test!


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    • I actually tried writing at 9-ish then went back at 10:30-ish! Yes, it is exciting. Though, no, won’t be featured… I will get a free copy of it though!


    • Absolutely! The crab apples have already been cooked down and are “liberating” their juice, as we speak! Tomorrow, I tackle the Paula Reds while making the other jelly!


    • Thank you!
      My friend did it and he said something along the same lines and even more… he said there are so many health issues out there that need support to just choose one!

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