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Enchanted By the Morning Light


Try as I might, there was no sleeping past 5:30 this morning.  Mr. Snuffleupagus beside me could not be quieted so I finally gave up around 6-ish!  I came to my computer to catch up on my morning emails and see what was happening in the Facebook world when I looked outside and realised the sun had already come up but it was still that lovely morning light.

So, out of my PJs and into my tank top, shorts (because though the thermometre said 21°C (70°F), the humidex had it already at 27°F (81°F) and running shoes to make one certain dog verrrrry happy.  We were out of the door by 6:15.

Poor Zeke had not been on one of our walks since June!  (In all fairness, we did go on vacation, climbed mountains, swam in oceans and hiked so he did not go without!)  We’ve had such hot and humid weather since our return (except the previous week where we though summer was over and Autumn already here!) that I just couldn’t bring him out for any long period of time.  That, and I just could not seem to get up before 9:00!

I was just so enchanted by the morning light that I snapped away.

Please, enjoy!



13 thoughts on “Enchanted By the Morning Light

  1. I really like the opening photo with the combination of the twists in the path and play of the light and shadow. It says all the words for you. 🙂


    • Well, Jean, school starts next Tuesday so we will finally get back into a morning rhythm – I plan on taking him every morning bright and early (except in torrential rains… not a fan of walking in such weather! Light rain, OK…) 😉


  2. What a cutie Zeke is. This summer has been too hot for our dog so we haven’t been able to take him for too many long walks – looking forward to the cooler autumn days to come 🙂


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