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Sunday Gratitude – August 31, 2014

Had such a fabulous week-end at the Charnley Cottage that it totally balances out the week! Crazy busy in the first 2/3, totally relaxed in the last 1/3!
Sitting in an Adirondack chair by a fire, sitting on the balcony with a cool drink in hand, book in the other, watching kids chase bubbles and dogs chase each other is such a relaxing way to spend a week-end (really bad Asian karaoke across the lake aside).

The phrase of the week-end was “Where’s Divot?” Now this might seem funny at first reading but unfortunately, we could not let the dogs out of our sight since neighbours had put rat poison (!) around their property to get rid of their problem!  Why they could not set up traps…   Anyway, in an effort to find some positive in this act we can at least be thankful the neighbours advised everyone of the situation…

Gratitude List

  1. I am so happy I did not procrastinate when it came to making all those jellies (more to come!)

  2. By posting my meals to Facebook, I got another client.

  3. Spending a week-end with another family that we know only so much, and in relatively tight quarters, could have been uncomfortable – wasn’t even a little bit!

  4. I loved that everyone (OK… the adults) shared in the cooking and cleaning “duties”.  All was delicious!

  5. Driving back from our week-end at Rice Lake, Ontario, we stopped by Lancaster Station, a pub belonging to a high school friend of Mick’s, for a late lunch/early supper.  They were a delightful group of people who made us feel totally welcomed and with whom we shall definitely meet again!  Thank you Allison and Iain!

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