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The Year in Books – September 2014

I have been like a chicken with her head cut off in the past two weeks!  Read?  What’s that? Who has time for it besides a page or three before bed?  That is NOT how you read a book per month!  I’ve been making salsas, jams, canning said salsa, jams, painting my dining room…. I’ve been going to bed totally pooped every night and can only manage a page or so… I fear the month of September will bring me more stuff to do… (like fulfill an order for 36 gift baskets, meaning more salsas, jams, etc… NOT that I’m complaining!)

I am still not finished “Bella Tuscany”, though I will be before week’s end – for sure!  It has been such a delight of the senses to read.  The descriptions of the countryside, the art, the food… all must be savoured quietly, comtemplatively, joyously.  I find myself dreaming half-way through each paragraph.  Frances Mayes’ descriptions enforce my NEED to go to Tuscany and feel, smell, live the same things she has (well… minus the troubles she has with her house… and then again, maybe not!)

Such a lovely read.

I will be doing a total about-face with my next read.  I went for dinner with a friend and she gave me an armful of books.  I had a couple on my bookshelves awaiting my attention but I decided to choose one of hers!  Normally, I prefer to read the book before watching the movie and it just so happens I have yet to watch “Philomena” soooo…. This will be my September selection!  I have been wanting to read this story since I heard about the movie.  These types of stories truly inspire me.  I figure if they made the movie, the book can’t be too bad, eh?

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6 thoughts on “The Year in Books – September 2014

  1. Always a curious one here… what might you be able to cut back on to create time for reading, unexhausted? 🙂 It sounds like you enjoy your reading. How does it align with other priorities? Sorry, Dale, I’m a man of questions. 🙂


    • Well now, Eric, first of all, do not be sorry to be a man of questions! Questions are excellent. They cause the questionnee (is this a word?) to actually sit down and think about giving a smart answer. If I were honest for a moment, I would admit that reading was not a total priority this month. I know the “canning season” is relatively short and when I’m done for the day, I should be doing other chores (blech) so I guilt myself into not having the time to read. Guilt is a huge factor. Since I’m no longer “working” in a desk job that I loathe, I feel a lot of guilt for not “doing my part”. And than, my dear sir, is the total honest truth.


  2. I so agree about ‘Bella Tuscany’, it’s one of those places I have long wanted to visit. I have several coffee table type books about the area, just love looking at the photos, and dreaming. I hope you found the time to read, it’s so important to make time just for you. A few minutes silence even, is better than nothing. Just to ‘stand and stare’ as the poet said.


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