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Gratitude Sunday – September 7, 2014

Was another very productive week, I must say! Salsas, apple jellies, painting the dining room… no rest for the wicked, they say!  Feeling satisfied, I say!

It’s frankly amazing how we can load so much into one week yet feel there is so much more we could have done.  Seriously, what is up with that?  How have we managed to guilt ourselves into believing there is no time for “down time”?

Pffft… I say!  I’m off to read my book!

Crab Apples

Crab Apples

Gratitude List

  1. I am so happy we have painted our dining room RED!  (Pictures will follow when we’ve finished putting up our prints and stuff….)

  2. I appreciate having a friend with an orchard who lets me know what’s ready for picking so I can fill bags to my heart’s content… more jellies coming!  Pears! Crab Apples, Apples! Oh my!

  3. Buying the ingredients necessary to make salsas and jams and jellies and actually doing them within a great timeframe.  It was go-go-go but so satisfying!

  4. Having followers of my blog who leave me interesting and thought-provoking comments makes me feel like I have a voice.  I love it!

  5. Choosing a paint colour from a swatch, applying it and saying YES!  Exactly what we wanted!  (This feels like a cheat and goes with no. 1…)

  6. Spending time with each of my sons on a one-to-one basis brings me much joy and allows us to get just that much closer (not easy when they are 14 and 16!)

12 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – September 7, 2014

  1. Interesting point, Dale, about us never thinking we are doing enough. This series is a great way of showing how much you ARE doing!
    Love the idea of an orchard at my disposal ~ you lucky thing!


    • You know Jean, now that you mention it… 😀 It is showing I’ve not be particularly lazy these past few weeks… nor for the weeks to come!
      Oh, I am beyond happy to have a friend call me to tell me the pears are ready or the Paula Red apples… can’t wait for the “Honey Crisp” call – they are the most fabulous apples out there!

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    • Thank you Andrea… I actually hit “post” and then remembered the visit from my friend and her new hubby (they live 2 hours away now) – they just came for coffee and it was lovely to see them again!

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  2. Snap! We have a red dining room too and it’s one of two downstairs rooms with working fireplaces, so it looks so cosy and inviting in winter, with a fire lit and fairy lights around the mantelpiece.


  3. Nice post Dale 🙂

    “How have we managed to guilt ourselves into believing there is no time for “down time”?” – I think it’s because we’ve been suckered into believing that to life fulfilled lives, we need to be doing something every minute of every day!! To go along with your “Pffft” I say Poppycock!

    Take care and glad to see all is well. My best to all.



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