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Gratitude Sunday – September 14, 2014

Another busy week! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, ya know? 1st full week of school for the boys so even more he feeling of rhythm returning. I was able to help out at the school for picture day – always fun to see friends of the boys and to meet ones we only hear about! More cooking and jellying taking place and a big help from a friend who spent the week promoting my wares! All good, I say!
2014-09-14 16.52.57

Gratitude List:

  1. After seven years of “trying him out and seeing if he’s a good father and husband material”, I finally said “I do” with Mick!  I cannot believe that today is our twelfth anniversary!  We figure we’ve got quite a few years in us to go!

  2. Whenever the school calls to ask for some volunteer work, I’m happy to oblige.  This time it was to help the two photographers with the rambunctious high-schoolers.  Fun stuff!

  3. Having lunch with an old friend is always nice, especially when the weather permits us to sit outside in the backyard terrace.  We end up eating, drinking and chatting for hours!

  4. A huge thank you to David Croteau of Vergers des Dix-Terres (he still doesn’t have a website!) for promoting my jellies to various hot pepper societies.  Got me 10 sales and a few more likes on my page!

  5. Going out for a date with Mick is always a pleasure but last night’s was particularly fun.  We didn’t talk business at all!  We did talk about some dreams we’re working towards and that’s always a plus.

12 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – September 14, 2014

  1. Happy Anniversary, Dale! I think that dreaming big with your honey pie is the way to go. I hope you two have 75 more happy years together!


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