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Gratitude Sunday (on a Monday) – September 29, 2014

Last Sunday (the 21st), I purposefully did not blog.  I (along with hubby) had spent the previous two weeks painting the dining room and kitchen (and, by default, the bathroom off the kitchen), canning, cooking, running around, entertaining, etc., that come that Sunday, I refused to turn on the computer – not even to read any blogs, emails, Facebook posts… After the brunch we served to my sisters (for their birthdays) and their families, and once we had cleaned up the kitchen, we just sat on our duffs and watched two movies and a few TV programmes!  I had lots of food that just had to be nuked to feed us, so all was perfect!

Little Italy

Yesterday, after our drive home from Mom’s, we stopped off at the Marché Jean Talon to pick up more tomatoes (yes, there will be more canning this week!) and to have lunch with our boys in Little Italy.  Such an absolutely gorgeous day, we lunched outside on a terrasse (must be pronounced with a French accent) and just enjoyed the sunshine.  We got home rather late and, while hubs washed his truck, I sat and read my book!.  Perfect Sunday afternoon.  When it was time to write my post, the blasted Internet started causing me grief.  After an hour of frustration – starting and stopping and starting over, I finally turned the bloody computer off and picked up my book again!

So, now that my rant is over, let me get to my list!



Gratitude List

  1. Being able to spend an afternoon in the sunshine with my guys, on a terrasse (despite having the sun in their eyes!) is a rarity lately.  Makes me so happy!
  2. Driving up to Mom’s on such a beautiful fall day, snapping away at the endless colours, truck windows wide open.
  3. Going to pick apples at the Verger des Dix-Terres and being able to pick Honey Crisps!  Plus Redcorts and Spartans… but Honey Crisps!!!
  4. Wearing shorts during the weekend of September 27-28 is da Bomb!  Even up north, the temperature reached 28°C!  (Way above average… yes, I know Global Warming but still enjoyable!)
  5. Knowing my words touched the person they were meant for…
  6. Reading other bloggers’ most interesting posts and learning and growing from them.
  7. Enjoying the moment for whatever it brings.

18 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday (on a Monday) – September 29, 2014

  1. Good for you for sitting on your duff and enjoying a book, Dale! If I had done all of that painting and entertaining, I’d be snoozing! I also love Honey Crisp apples–the best! They are so expensive in these parts, though, so we don’t buy them all the time. Just for the occasional treat!


    • That’s why I’m so lucky! I could have filled my bag with just Honey Crisps but I felt guilty and left some for the others… And thank you. The importance of sitting on one’s duff is definitely under-appreciated!


  2. Oh Dale, how I smiled – I’m sure you are allowed to catch up on gratitude on a Monday too 😉 A treat of autumn colours, followed by the sweet crunch of that gigantic blushing apple! Thank you! The trees here are starting to pop into blossom as things warm up, another favourite time for me…but how wonderful a world when I can appreciate both spectrums from the comfort of my ‘duff’ on the terrasse (yes, with French intention 😉 ‘Cheers!’ she said sipping back on a cold beer shandy.


    • Thank you for your kind words, LWL! Absolument! Isn’t it wonderful how we can “experience” all the seasons through this Blogworld? One place is getting colder, another warmer – each being able to share what they are loving about it!


  3. Your rant was fun and interesting! I, too, sat on my duff for a wonderful Hallmark movie;0) My family loves those … lol! I love #6 on your gratitude list! I do the same!


  4. Bravo for choosing to ignore the digital universe while addressing other more important matters/activities! Is the painting fini?

    Smiling at your nudge to pronounce terrasse with a French accent. When chatting with my mom this past weekend, I intentionally pronounced endive as “end-dive” as in as in scuba diving. She still wonders who raised her son.

    Quality family, some flicks and a good book. Who needs the Internet? 🙂


    • Yes! The painting is fini! There is just a clean-up required in one little section and the electrician must come back to connect the chandelier… then and only then will pictures be posted!

      I have to nudge! Coming from Quebec, that is how we pronounce it… just like a dépanneur is a convenience store to Anglos and Francos! And, believe it or not, I usually say endive as in scuba diving… my bad!

      Absolument, who needs ze internet! 😉

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