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Throwback Thursday

Today was one of those days where I was feeling my A.D.D. big time… Not that I’ve ever been diagnosed officially with this – it seems to have come out pretty much at the same time as motherhood! No one warned me that this would happen. I’ve had many a discussion with my sisters and girlfriends (all of whom are mothers) and we’ve come to the conclusion that it is just something that happens and we all suffer from it now…

I never made it through the whole book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or any of the other books that came after.  Was there a chapter on this side-effect of childbirth?  How could I have known that I would become that crazy woman who can start a million things and never quite finish any of the tasks started?  Sometimes they actually DO get done but that is a rarity indeed.

Today, I had every intention of cleaning the house (something I loathe to do).  This almost always takes me forever because I don’t just vacuum, dust and toilet clean.   I go where no one ever goes.  I foolishly open drawers and this.  THIS is my downfall….

As it did today…  After I made the boys their lunches and sent them off to school, I came up to my computer to check out my emails and whatnot.  Spent an hour or so reading various blogs then chastised myself for not doing what I had set out to do today.  So, I left my “office” (read:  spare bedroom and overall dumping station) and made my way back downstairs to get the vacuum hose and the gather the bathroom cleaner supplies.

I decided it was high time to stop being able to draw my name – or any other doodle – in the dust on my nightstand.  There was a pile of “to-read” books and other paraphernalia on it.  They got taken off, and the whole thing dusted clean.  Then I opened the first drawer.  Sigh.  Out came all the stuff to be tossed, recycled, re-stacked, reorganized, whatever.  How did my nightstand become a junk drawer?   Some ended up on the bed to be sorted out later and some in a pile to be brought down to the garbage/recycling bins.  Found a little box of pictures!  Seems like we got a sample of photo paper at one time and printed up five pictures.  Put them aside.  Next up, my dresser.  Same situation.  Remove stacks of stuff and add to pile on bed.   Phone rings.  Hubby reminds me he is going to the bank.

Oh shoot!  I had a couple of bills to pay on-line that were due!  Off to the computer to do so.  Ah crap.  I have to go downstairs to my purse to get my bank card as I got a new one and I don’t yet know the number off by heart.  Pick up garbage/recycle stuff to bring down and toss in appropriate bins.

Do a load of laundry.

I notice the bowl of black-eyed beans that had been soaking since last night so I decide to drain them and put them into a pot with clean water, onion and tomato to cook.  See the empty jar and decide to put it in the pantry.  Decide to take inventory of just what kind of beans, rice, etc. are hiding in the pantry and in so doing, realize they never got labeled.  Decide to label them.  Go get the label-maker and label all the various jars that contain said beans, rice, etc.   Now everyone in the family can know what they contain!  Put away label maker, check status of beans – still need a good 30 minutes to cook.

Decide to write my Costco list because I notice we are missing cat food, mayo, coffee…  Remember I have banking to do so I pick up bank card and make my way back upstairs to do said banking.   Go back down to check on beans.  Ah, they are ready so I put them into Mason jars for later meals.  Great to add to salads or as sides to a meal.  Figure some will be used tonight.

Phone rings again.  It’s hubby suggesting we go for lunch.  It’s 11:55 a.m. so I tell him I have to jump in the shower but will be ready in 15 minutes, max.  We go for lunch – very disappointed because the place we wanted to go to was totally empty – and not because it was closed!  On a Thursday at 12:30, we should have trouble getting in!  Not encouraged to try said resto so we decided not to chance it and drove around the corner and ended up at Barbie’s.  First and last time.  Crappy service, meh food.

Go do the Costco run and then go to the Bro-in-law’s to borrow his ladder as hubby wants to cut the cedar hedge – he is waaaay behind this task this year! They are calling for nice weather today and tomorrow but rain on Saturday.  Must be done now! Get home some time around 2:30-3:00-ish and Hubs starts working on the hedge.  I look at my box of tomatoes in the garage that I just bought and realize they cannot wait much longer.  Change into my “canning clothes” and get to work!

First, must hang load on clothesline and put another in the washer.

Start working on tomatoes.  Kids get back from school; eldest needs to eat early as he starts his new job at 5:30.  BBQ him a burger and get back to my tomatoes.  Youngest pops his head in an hour later asking when’s supper so we cook the rest of the burgers (thankfully hubs likes to prepare his super-fantastic burgers in batches and freeze them!)  We eat, I go back to my tomatoes.  By 9:00 p.m. I decide I’ve done enough.  Hubs is tired and wants to go to bed.  BED!  You know, the one that still has all the books and stuff on it!  Bloody hell!  I run up.  Make lovely stacks of books  ON. THE. FLOOR.  Because frankly, now is not the time to sort.

I decide to create this post but first want to do a collage of the old pictures found in the drawer.  Make one with PicMonkey but not crazy about it, look up PicCollage but that is only for phones or tablets, finally end up using Fotor to do what I want!  Re-do collage, write this post, aaaaannnndddd…  here’s that picture!

fishing at grand-papa's

The boys must have been about  6 and 7 at the time.  They went fishing with their grand-father and then clowned around with their catches!

Somehow it is now 11:25 and my house is not clean, my tomatoes are not finished, my laundry is half-done… I’m off to bed!!

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

    • I try… though I think it comes naturally! Then again, when it’s someone else’s, maybe we’d be more diligent!


  1. Oh dear, Dale, this hits a little too close to home! 😉 Although I think my maternal ADD started while I was pregnant. From then through the time each child was a few months old, I couldn’t read a full chapter of anything (painful for a bibliophile) and could read only snippets of magazine articles. Thank goodness I’m over that! I’m not over having a million little undone projects, though!
    P.S. I hated that stupid “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” I think it was in the book “Waiting for Birdy” that the author did a hilarious lampoon of it. There was a much better book I read about pregnancy called “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.” The author had a sarcastic sense of humor, which I found refreshing!


    • Yep… sounds about right! When pregnant is the official starting point – though more severe for some than others, I would think!
      I’m not into reading “self-help” books (not that I haven’t wasted many a penny on ’em…) Mom’s or friend’s or sister’s advice is way better than any book!


  2. Oh my goodness! I must have ADD too;0) lol! I also have an office/spare room/dumping ground and half finished projects everywhere! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one that gets sidetracked when cleaning;0) Thank you for making me feel a little more normal! Ha!


    • You have kids? You have ADD… Just sayin’
      Maybe we get easily sidetracked from cleaning because we just so LOVE it so…


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