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Sunday Gratitude – October 5, 2014

Just hanging around

Weeelllll… today was supposed to be a pyjama day. Not gonna happen. It is too beautiful outside to justify staying indoors!  Bummer.  Then again, I believe pyjama days are even better when they are not planned.  So, Hubs is going to finish trimming the hedge (only one side left to do) and I will make another batch of jelly – or prepare the apples for it – then take the Zeke-meister out for a nice walk!

Gratitude List

  1. I’m glad the sun decided to pop out today despite the forecast – it gives us an extra day to enjoy outside!
  2. Mick built a fire in the dining room just so we could hang out – nice when it’s for “no official reason”!
  3. Discovering new blogs that inspire me.
  4. Finally putting order to the piles of books in my bedroom, office, spare room….
  5. Finding old pictures that I totally forgot about!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – October 5, 2014

    • Isn’t it funny how when you premeditate something, it often doesn’t happen? It was a lovely day indeed and you can bet there will be PJ days to come for sure! The air is getting colder, the light is getting shorter… oh yes, there will definitely be some coming my way!

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