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Gratitude Sunday… on a Holiday Monday! October 13, 2014

Here in Canada it is our Thanksgiving week-end. It always falls on the second Monday of the month of October. That means turkey time at Mom’s with the whole family (or most of it, anyway!) As a result, we got home very late last night and, well, The Walking Dead season premiere had played so there was no way we were going to wait until today to watch it!!  By the time we watched that and of course, Talking Dead well, it was past 1 a.m….

Now, I was going to put yet another fall foliage picture but really… don’t want to bore my readers!  Instead, I have a not-so-good-quality quickly-taken snapshot of mother and daughter love (hope they don’t mind my plastering their likeness on my page…)

Lisa, Jennifer & Kellie

So, without further ado, here is my list!

Gratitude List

  1. Walking Dead is back after seven – yes – SEVEN months!  So happy as this is weirdly family viewing time…

  2. Thanksgiving means going up north to my mother’s, spending time with her and my sisters and their families.

  3. The colours are still gorgeous despite it being mid-October already.  Usually by this time, they are more sparse.

  4. So grateful for the support from my Blogging Family – you are there just because and that is a wonderful thing.

  5. My camera has given me a huge appreciation for what is around me.  Ever since I got it, I have been clicking away noticing things right under my nose that I never (or not really) saw.

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