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What’s In My Tin? Apple Squares

So, I have decided to add a new series. Because. Why not?

Years ago (way too many to count) I found this wonderful tin.  I walked into a Fenton’s store – a kitchen supplies store filled with things that make me want to spend all my money – and there at the back of it, in my direct line of sight was the PERFECT tin!  Not only did it have my name on it (!), it also had my favourite flower!  No way in hell I was NOT going to purchase this baby! (Fingers crossed it was not being sold for an arm and a leg!  Can’t remember the price but obviously was within my budget…)

It is pretty, no?


So… after years of just sitting on top of the cupboards, collecting dust, fading with time, I finally decided to start using it!  I guess I was afraid I would ruin it but seriously, what’s the point of having pretty things, if we don’t use ’em?  If they get worn or faded, it adds to the charm, I think!

So, without further ado, what did I have in my tin this week?

Apple Squares!

Apple Square 2

If you would like to make these for yourself, just get the recipe here!

Apple Square 1

16 thoughts on “What’s In My Tin? Apple Squares

  1. Two things:
    You got a blue dress on today, Missy D? That song….Devil With A Blue Dress, Blue Dress, Blue Dress On….you know the one? Sing it with me, Sweet-Tea……because that is what you are today. Tempting Moi/Herself with such delightful and tasteful fripperies for the diet uncontrollable. You still singing with me, Lovely……?

    I’ve just, once again for the [now] one hundred and second time, subscribed to your recipe page. I’m guessing I’m supposed to do it only once? What a shame….

    Well, three things:


    • Ha ha! Well… not today.. I be the devil in shorts and a tank top because it is ridiculously warm here in Montreal’s ‘burbs! we have already hit 22C (feels like 20C!) – I know you know what that means.. Hot! Hot! Hot! And I also be signing very loudly with you!

      Tell me… do you get notices from Dalectables telling you there is a new post? I must needs know… if you don’t there is a problem to be fixed, that’s for sure!

      Thirdly… xxxoooxxxDR right back at ya!


  2. Hi Dale,
    Yes,the tin is cute…..but forget the tin! These are delicious!! I took your advice and cut the sugar down to 1 1/4 cup. And they’re perfect! I’m going to make your apple maple muffins next. Keep that tin full and the recipes coming! 😄👍🍴
    By the way, I love your blog. I look forward to reading it.
    Have a wonderful day!


    • Hi Julie!
      Ha ha… thanks! More recipes are definitely coming your way… may not even wait for the next week, either! 😉
      And thanks… it always brings me joy to know my blog is pleasant!
      You too have a most wonderful day!


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