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On My October Mantel


Another month has already almost gone by in the wink of an eye. October is one of my favourite months as it is the in-between. September sees me canning and clearing out some of the garden (the kale will keep on keepin’ on all the way until past the first snowfall so no is allowed to touch it!) and November is such a dreary month. My grandmother used to hate November because it was the time less people went up north to visit her. School in full swing, leaves gone from the trees and no snow on the ground to brighten up the place. I get it. I really do. In my neck of the woods, October’s weather can be all over the place. Just last week we were working in the garden in shorts and t-shirts! Sunday we were out with our woollies and gloves. Today, raincoats.

I totally stole the idea of the pinecones from Gillian from the wonderful blog Tales of a Happy House.  I used my stash of buttons, glued onto the pinecones to be able to hang them.  Then I thought of all the leaves I had squished between the pages of a huge book… Hmmm… I decided to add ModPodge in the hopes it would help preserve them.  I think it was a success, don’t you?

These well-used candlestick holders came from my dearly departed friend, Roxanne.  I cannot believe I have had them for 25 years!  Half my life!  They were my 25th surprise birthday party and as you can see from the wax left-overs, they were never hidden away but used thoroughly.  I have, over time, removed some of the layers so that we could see the pretty verdigris colour but tried not to scrape too hard and scratch them up…


This teapot was given to me by my three guys for a birthday.  It came with four cups, a creamer and sugar bowl – I cannot remember when, though!  Hmmm… Now that I think of it, I could have placed the whole set on the mantel.  In my teapot collection, I figured this one fit the October colour theme best.


It is pumpkin season!  I have two big ones sitting on my front stoop, just waiting to be carved – way to big to go on a mantel!  All kinds of gourds and squashes are available at this time of the year and these ones will definitely be turned into soups, stews, sides…  But for now, they can just sit pretty.  The bamboo bowl holding the three was a Chinatown purchase for one of my first corporate catering jobs.  I didn’t have much in the way of platters and bowls at the time and this is part of a trio I bought.  Amazing how the red and beige just fit in…

As for this plain old vase, I figured I’d cut some of the wild grasses in the front of the house before the snows come.  Just to bring a little more of the outdoors in.


I am truly enjoying this new project of changing the mantel monthly.  It has “forced” me to try and make a difference in my surroundings instead of just leaving them stagnant.  Fun stuff!


12 thoughts on “On My October Mantel

    • Thanks Jean. I thought so too (the idea being a great one) when I discovered this “practice” in other homes, shared by lovely bloggers… wish I’d thought of it! If I’ve enticed you to try it as well, then consider it a “pay it forward-type” movement!

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    • Thanks Andrea… good thing I managed to take a few good pictures, darn thing keeps falling because it is too heavy.. Oh well… next time I’ll think of something stronger to hold it up (without poking holes into anything…)

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