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Sunday Gratitude – October 26, 2014

Wow… my “baby” is 15 today.  That whole “time flying thing” is getting more and more out of hand!  He just wanted a few friends over to eat his favourite meal (chicken parmigiana) and have a cake shaped like a Game Boy.  Well… he must comply!  He truly was not too demanding!

It has been a week of meeting up with friends from waaaaay back, volunteering at school, running around and hanging around!  The pictures taken outside after midnight, under a heat lamp are total rubbish but I care not.. they show we were having fun with our selfies!

Gratitude List

  1. It is so wonderful to get together with old friends from elementary (!) school and walking downtown Montreal after midnight on a Friday night.

  2. Being able to sit on a terrasse on October 24th without a coat on (yes, yes, there were heat lamps, but still…

  3. Helping out at the school, getting to know the students and staff, feeling useful.

  4. Having a friend (yes, Patti, I am mentioning our get-together) inspire and encourage you and let you know she believes in you is so heart-warming.

  5. Watching hubby and son working together instead of arguing is beyond the best!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – October 26, 2014

    • Thanks Bethany! I was frankly surprised as well as his latest toy is a WiiU… He actually goes back to the old ones every now and again. Guess he was trying to give me an fun cake to make…


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