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What’s in my Tin? Apple Gingerbread

Yes, yes… I am still on the apple kick!  I promise you, after the next one (because I do have one more…) I will share something else!  The boys are not complaining that the tin holds apple-something for the past four weeks so, hopefully, that means you won’t complain either!

What's in my Tin?

What’s in my Tin?

You know that warm taste you get from gingerbread cookies?  Well, you can have that without all the fuss, muss and mess in less time than it takes to make the cookie dough!  I kit you not.  These babies are just plain delicious.  Word.  I have made them for snack time, school lunches and, when I’m feeling fancy, served on a pool of crème anglaise in a fancy plate – for those days when you are having people over for dinner but really don’t have time to make something fancy and time-consuming.


Delicious warmed up and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or just plain with a cup of tea and a girlfriend for some deep conversation.

It is an easy peasy recipe you can get right here!




16 thoughts on “What’s in my Tin? Apple Gingerbread

    • Sorry, my friend, there is one cup… I am positive you could replace it with gluten-free flour and they would be just as good!


  1. Living on an apple farm, you could keep the ‘apple-somethings’ coming for ages if I had a say ;).. Apple pie and apple sauce becomes a staple around picking season, but I’d love to try this one out. Thank you Dale for sharing, there is a certain 7-year old boy who would love to test these out!


    • That is so funny… I saw your comment on my “about page” and was planning on writing responding the same thing! Any friend of Jots is a friend of mine!

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  2. Apples. Apples. Apples. 2014 has been the year of the Apple, no question. And as Country Mice do, we regale in the harvest of this fruit with it’s varied tastes; sweet to tart and everything between. I have to confess, I have been hitting the sauce a fair bit of late and haven’t tired yet. But now you have me thinking. What my sauce is lacking is a really good cake. I can have my sauce and eat cake to. Am giving it a try this weekend. From the bottom of my bushel -thank you.


    • You, your sauce, me my jelly! I do believe you absolutely can have your sauce and eat cake too! You are most welcome. I hope you do enjoy (though I cannot imagine you not!!)


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