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Sunday Gratitude – November 2, 2014

I was so busy doing nothing, I almost forgot it was Sunday! Seriously. After doing a bazillion dishes and making chicken stock and roasting my two Jack O’lanterns, I basically sat on my duff and watched movies all day. In my pyjamas. All day. No, not all day. I had to put on some pants to go pick up hubby from the hockey game in town as “They” closed the metro system from downtown Montreal to the South Shore. What up wit dat? I could have kept the PJs on but what if? So I didn’t!

Have a seat

Have a seat

Gratitude List

  1. Saturday was a nice crisp day that just begged for comfort food… so that’s what I made for our guests instead of some time-consuming, fancy-pants thing.

  2. I had my pyjama day today and it was wonderful.

  3. Zeke and I finally took a walk up in Mount-Royal, with some adventures (coming to a post near you….)

  4. I had my first job interview in over 18 years and it felt good – will keep you posted….

  5. There has been nice synergy in our household which is refreshing.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – November 2, 2014

    • Yeah… not that I want to but my Employment Insurance is running out come January and I don’t earn enough with my little catering biz… 😛


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