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Where Do I NOT Want to Visit?


Friday, November 7

Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?


As one who wants to travel the world (!) I have trouble answering this one.  There are definitely places I am not inclined to visit and nor are most people… War-torn countries do not appeal to me.  I kind of like living and don’t feel the need to put myself into any precarious position just for the sake of saying “I’ve been there”.  Yes, disaster can happen anywhere but let’s face it, while there is a war going on, chances are more in favour of this happening!

I cannot truly say I will NEVER visit Cuba but it is very low on my list of places to visit.  You see, part of any good vacation in my books is food.  I have heard nothing good about the food in the resorts in Cuba – and going outside of the resorts is not a thing to consider (because that is probably where we would get good food).  Yes, one or two have said it’s not bad.  Hmmm…  Not bad is not good enough.  I will need more positive feedback before going.

I do hear the beaches are amongst the most beautiful, however.  It is a hugely popular destination for Canadians, Quebecers in particular.  It’s cheap. It’s not too far. It’s not on my list.  I just have so many other places to visit that ARE on my list!  At the top of the list has nothing to do with the Caribbean. (I love the Caribbean.  Have been there umpteen times.)

Way at the top is Tuscany – though after last night’s wine class, I am adding Trentino-Alto Adige to the list!  Maybe I’ll just have to take a year and visit the whole country.  Now there’s an idea…  I am obsessed with all things Tuscan/Italian.  I want to go and be a part of it, to experience it like a local.  Meet some Nonna who will bring me into her kitchen and teach me the how’s of real Italian cooking.  I keep threatening my family that I’m going to pull an “Under the Tuscan Sun” and stay there!  They will have to come and visit me!  One can dream, no?

8 thoughts on “Where Do I NOT Want to Visit?

  1. I love Italy, particularly Rome – I’m lucky to have been there a few times. I like ruins and interesting sights to see, not really a sunbathing person. As to where I don’t want to go – that’s a hard one, I suppose somewhere that’s all about sunbathing!


    • Sigh…. Me too. I don’t mind a vacation in the sun but if that’s ALL there is to it then I get bored. I can’t stand to just make like a bacon and fry anymore… Used to but now, my skin won’t let me!


    • And my neighbour, who is of Indian descent, won a trip to visit the “motherland” (one from each country of expats) for a month and she adored it. I’m in no rush either…


  2. Dale, we were in Tuscany for a wedding this year on the Tuscan/Umbrian border. I want to leave these shores and live there!! How lovely would it be to live a different life for a year? It would take courage but I think it would be such a wonderful, life enhancing thing to do. Most of us are anchored by jobs, family commitments, (cash!) and responsibilities but we can dream, can’t we?


    • Ooohhh lucky you, Patsy! It would be so lovely and would indeed take much courage and is definitely not so easy when you have a family…. oh we can absolutely dream! And I shall continue to do so. One never knows…

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