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Sunday Gratitude – November 9, 2014

Oh dear… already my bedtime and didn’t take the time to do this post… my bad!

It was quite the busy week-end, well not really, but I seemed to have something on the go at most times!  My clients asked for their two meals today instead of tomorrow so instead of having a leisurely Sunday in which to take care of my photography for my fabulous Art of Photography E-Course with Joy Sussman, I cooked away, making meatloaf, Greek-styled chicken and all the fixings!


Gratitude List

  1. My clients picked up their two meals and oohed and aahed over the meals I’ve prepared for them so far.  Have gone so far as to say I’m a lifesaver!

  2. We were free to just go with the flow all week-end, having no scheduled outings and appointments.

  3. The sun shone most of the week and  when it didn’t, I was still able to take pictures for my wonderful class.

  4. I started my Italian Wine class with Savori on Thursday and the teacher is wonderful – the next 2 classes will be great, I am sure of it!

  5. Mick helped me set up my new desk in my “office” and I’ve so much space!  Now to declutter the bed, which inherited all that was on the floor, desk, chair…. 😉

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    • I am looking at the bed, totally hidden under the piles and am overwhelmed. I think I’ll go walk Zeke instead! I’ve 2 more days until Mom comes over to sleep… don’t think she’d appreciate sleeping on the floor…
      You sew too? Is there anything you can’t do? 😉

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