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What Can I Do?

Monday, November 10

What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large.

Las vegas 2007 269

Well now… geez… I can do lots of things that lots of others can too!  I don’t have any particular speciality that is out of the norm…  So I left this post behind and worked on another….

Hours later….

While preparing supper, I asked hubs:  “Hey, Babe, what can I do that other’s can’t?”

He says:  “That’s easy!”

“What?  You have got to be joking.  There is nothing in particular that I can do that other’s can’t!!!” I retort.

“Oh yes…. You have that ability to say EXACTLY what I want to say before I do!”

12 thoughts on “What Can I Do?

  1. 🙂 Now why did you find this hard Dale, is it because of that thing that’s common to so many of us where we don’t want to promote what we do well? I’m sure you can do lots of things well that others can’t 🙂


    • I suppose I can; I just felt there was nothing that stood out… guess that’s what happens when you’re “good at everything, excellent at nothing”! LOL… It’s my “Jaqueline-of-all-trades” mentality… hey wait! THAT’S what I should have written!

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