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Writer’s Block and How I Handle It

Wednesday, November 12

Have you ever had extended writer’s block? How long did it last? What did you do to break out of it, and do you have tips for other bloggers?


Writer’s Block would imply that I am a regular writer.  I don’t think I am a “real” one – yet!   I guess I sort of am as I do blog.  Other than this month, I have not been that organized and consistent.  I want to become more so and for that reason, have joined NaBloPoMo!  I figured I would find the inspiration from the prompts and, so far, have.  It’s been a great tool actually because there are ideas that I probably would not have ever thought of writing about – or even dared.  I would have told myself that no one would be interested in XYZ but, because of this forum, I have given myself permission to go out there and just write it!

I have stories swirling in my head, telling me to go ahead and write them down and become a REAL writer but haven’t decided – yet – to focus my energies on them.  Or maybe, it is just that I needed this month of all-over-the-place writing to test my skills and gain confidence.

As a result, this month I haven’t suffered from “The Block” – not even once!  Encouraging.

At this particular time I am not on a hard deadline schedule so if I sit at the computer and see nothing but a blank page (which mirrors my blank thoughts) I just step away or I go on Facebook and see what others are posting.  Once I’m done with the mostly nonsense on this forum, I then go to my inbox which is overflowing with blog posts to which I am subscribed.  I cannot keep up!  Sometimes just reading others’ posts is enough to give me an idea of a direction.

If all that fails, I go down to my kitchen to cook!  There, I never get “The Block”!

I have read that it helps to scribble whatever thoughts come to one’s head, without paying any heed to syntax, spelling and grammar (I’m such a nerd, I can’t even skip periods!)  I haven’t tried this technique yet but will when all else fails – or when I have a real deadline – or when I have decided to write that novel…


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block and How I Handle It

  1. How about writing pieces of flash fiction and waiting for one of those to trigger to a novel? That’s what I did with my latest novel. Two characters were born in 400 words, plus a concept and a setting. Then the characters started nagging at me, there’s a story here and we’ve got more to say and adventures to have. Their story ended up 90,000 words long.

    One tip, when you start writing keep moving forward and no editing en route; just resist the temptation to strive for perfection in the first draft, as only a genius could achieve this. Also, it’s okay to dump that first chapter during edits and start the novel in a different place. First chapters are like the writing equivalent of a gathering-note in music.

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    • It’s funny because I’ve been admiring your flash fiction (and Andrea’s) and wondering if I should try my hand at it! I am more of a tell stories that actually happened to me but maybe I should just have a go and let ‘er rip!
      To be continued…. 😉

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    • The kitchen is my answer to everything! Pissed off: kitchen. Happy: kitchen. Sad: kitchen. Procrastination: kitchen… Methinks I see a pattern. I could be wrong! 😀

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        • See? That’s why I blog and follow fabulous people like you! I learn something new every day. I think you are absolutely right! I am obviously still a writer in training!

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