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The Age-Old Question on Ageing…

Friday, November 14

Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?


Ahhh yes… it just had to come up in the prompts, didn’t it?

Bloody hell.

They do say the alternative to growing old is, well, death, so let’s just say I have no problem with ageing!  Let’s just say it!  And mean it!

I cannot tell a lie… there are those days where I look in the mirror and sigh and remember “when”.  Those B.K. (Before Kids) days when I could eat whatever I wanted, had not a pound that didn’t belong, everything was nice and perky, skin was tight, not a cellulite pock to be found, no dark spots that just decided to show up; those days when I was more Betty Boop instead of Cathy…  Would I go to extremes to preserve my lost youth?  Nah.  I prefer to age gracefully.

Like most women “of a certain age” that is not always easy; I have my moments!  Some days they are good; some are sigh-inducing…

Looking at the picture of my mother and grandmother with me at my wedding… I figure I’ve got pretty good genes.


14 thoughts on “The Age-Old Question on Ageing…

    • I’m lucky! My mother gave me her “drawer” of photos to scan for her (my bad.. still not done) so I have all the super young stuff. There were more but I truly did not want to have to dig out more of the “awkward” stages than necessary… Betty said it right! It sure ain’t!


    • Men rarely do!!! Women need to ignore all the magazines, TV shows and whatnot telling them they are not enough or should be better!
      And I agree… why expend the energy indeed?

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  1. Love seeing the progression!! … and cheers to you for posting it! When people ask me if I wish could be younger again, my answer is always the same …. “and to be that stupid? No thanks.”


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