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What’s In My Tin? Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins


This NaBloPoMo thing has me all buggered up for my usual series!  The days slip by and I find myself wondering where to slip in a post not related to the Prompts!  I then end up doing two posts in one day and I worry that I exaggerate!

Soooo… as mentioned in the last edition of What’s in My Tin? I have left the apples behind and now give you healthy Banana chocolate chip muffins.  I’ve even added some nuts for texture.  Why not? They can be switched in or out, the chocolate chips increased or just nuts, up to you and what your family likes.  I like to put half and half as nuts are healthier than chocolate chips and I get no complaints from the Peanut Gallery.



What’s not to love in that glorious mix of bananas, chocolate chips and nuts?  Even if it is the healthier version, my kids don’t even notice (or is it because Mom is always trying to give the healthier version and they’ve just gotten used to it?)


You can get the full recipe here.  Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “What’s In My Tin? Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins

    • They are definitely my go-to…to the point that I asked the boys if they were fed up… apparently not!
      Thanks! I had a great teacher!


  1. Hi Dale–Are these recipes ones you make for your clients or Delectable treats for Mick and you? Whatever you do, they look so delicious. I would be so happy to have a tim like yours, except, that would mean I would have to bake. No time for that, especially this time of year. Oh well. I will live vicariously through your baking. Please, keep baking. 😀

    ~Janet @ The Kitchen Bridge


    • Hey there Janet. Most of these recipes are for my family! Spoiled little buggers, the lot of ’em! My tin is my pride and joy, to tell you the truth! Seeing MY name on a tin WITH a sunflower? Sheesh, the designer/creator was talking to ME! Tell me about it… I have 20 gift baskets to make – not a thing besides jelly is actually made yet! Gotta get my butt into gear…

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