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Simplifying the Season

As you can see, I am participating in this lovely event!
There are ways of enjoying the holidays without it hurting!

Our Journey to Ithaca


I used to describe the holidays as a “bucket of stress.”

I worked right up to the day before Christmas eve, I spent more powder than I could afford on plundering, I spent my week off marauding all over the state, from one gathering to another, and got scurvy from eating nothing but sugar. Me crew was feeling mutinous, and I couldn’t wait to get back to high seas!

Then, as I embraced simple living, I began to think, “There must be a better way.”

Of course, there was.  Over time, we began to stop trying to do it all and create a Norman Rockwell holiday.  Instead, we found traditions that worked for us.

And as I talked to other minimalists, I learned that I was certainly not alone in my efforts to rethink the holidays.  In hearing other people’s ideas, we were able to create a holiday season…

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3 thoughts on “Simplifying the Season

  1. I am totally with you. Things have gone way overboard and the Christmas spirit seems to be lost. I once thought that I got around it and gave gifts to charitable organizations in the person’s name. Some felt they should have been given a real gift and let me know that too.


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