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My Own Show

So yesterday’s prompt…

Monday, November 24

What’s your favorite headline/blog post title you’ve ever written? What was the hardest post to title?

…did nothing for me and I so had no idea what to write that I ended up writing nothing!

Insert TExt

Today’s prompt is:

Tuesday, November 25

You are given unlimited funds and a fabulous team of programmers and told to create your own social networking platform. Tell us all about your ideal, fictional social media site.

While not quite answering the question, I will share with you my dream… I joke about it when I talk about it but, if I’m to be totally honest here (and you all know I am no faker), deep down, I really do dream about its possibility!

Now, my unlimited funds and fabulous team – of technicians – not programmers, necessarily, would not necessarily help me build a social networking platform for a fictional social media site per se.

No, no, MY team would help me create my very own Cooking Show!  Which they can distribute via whatever social networking platform! Considering how many are already out there on PBS, Food Network (both US & Canada), Gusto… it’s kind of a silly dream, really.  You can find already pretty much anything or any style of host you could possibly want.  What could I truly add to this mix?  Most of my ideas were suddenly on existing shows! (Rachael Ray’s “Week in a Day” appeared not one month after I thought that would be a great premise for a show!  Dang!)

I have watched “The Next Food Network Star” and frankly, could not imagine putting myself through those hoops (though, congrats to Lenny, I really liked him!)

I look at Nadia G.’s “Bitchin Kitchen” (though not everyone likes her style, I like that she’s Canadian, put herself out there, rocked it and certainly doesn’t apologise for it!) that started on the Internet and ended up on Food Network as a fabulous story.

So… what will MY story be?  Will I come up with a fabulous idea, share it and become a sensation?

Am I dreaming in Technicolor?

Or have I completely lost my mind?

This is the most recent video (another in the loop but having technical difficulties…)

I’ve heard tell I may not be so crazy…

22 thoughts on “My Own Show

  1. Do they still have technicolor? Or is it just in your dreams?

    Listen, if you are as funny in person, or on tape, as you are on this venue, you SHOULD have a television show – but forget food, it should be a talk show.


    • Good question… seems to me you still see the “Technicolor” mark on movies so maybe not just in my dreams – but I won’t like put my hand in fire or anything.

      I can tell you, that yes, I am funny. (One must, on occasion, acknowledge one’s talents.) Now, when you have 10 minutes where you need to procrastinate, just take a little look-see at my videos (I’ve got a whole 5 of ’em – not exactly what you would call a series, ya know?) – check them out… Raye can vouch for me – I have elicited a giggle or maybe a snort from her at least one per…


      • I definitely will. I’m trying to get the last of the knitter avatars off my radar tonight, and my husband is suppose to arrive at 10:30. Not to mention that America may go down in flames any minute now – the coverage is mesmerizing and mind-numbingly boring at the same time.

        By the way, you have what has to be the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.


        • I would love it if you did.
          It is sad all the crap going on below the 49th parallel…(not that we don’t have our own crap…) I wish the news would stop focussing on the negative all the time… The States are not all crap yet they just saturate the news with the dreck!
          Awwww… thanks (funny thing… when we graduated from high school, we all got a mention for a special something and I got it for my engaging smile – I cherish that one above all else!)


  2. Dale … you could totally do a cooking show! I don’t really watch cooking shows but I watched yours and you did fabulous!!! It’s hard to be in front of the camera but you did it with such ease.


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