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My November Mantel


Just four days left before December is upon us so I better share my November Mantel before it gets all gussied up for Christmas!

As mentioned in previous posts, I took a wonderful on-line photography class with Joy Sussman and one of the assignments was to create still lifes.  I got many compliments on my pomegranate and pinecones one and was told it would make a great centrepiece so… I’ve put it on the mantelpiece!  That way I get to enjoy it for a bit longer (until my son starts stealing the pomegranates and eating them…)

I’ve noticed there is a LOT of red this month!  Doesn’t help with the red walls either… will have to rethink my colour combos… not next month as it is Christmas and most of our village is red… sigh…

My teapot of the month is this winter scene that I can’t for the life of me remember where I got.  It came with a nice sugar bowl (in constant use) and creamer.  I want to say it was a gift but then I could not give the credit where it was due.  Will have to ask around (my bad…)


Why on earth do I have all these Christmas books on the mantel?  Well, it is quite simple really.  It is time for me to create my baskets of goodies and I am inspired by various recipes found in one or the other.  As I am constantly going through them, better to have them all in one area, don’t you think?  Now that I look at the stack, I realize that I am missing my very important Victoria’s Magazines that I get my gingerbread and fruit cake from… Hmmm… Bet they are already on the counter in the kitchen!  Again, lots of red!!!


I like to include one of my candle collection and this month is the very simple Costco purchase from, oh, 10-12 years ago I’m thinking.  Funny thing is, one of the glass containers broke and I use it even more now.  They do say that an even number of candle sticks or holders is bad luck so, just as well that one did break.. I now have nine holders instead of ten!


I always purchase a poinsettia in November (or two or three) and this one was just purchased today!


And, finally, because there was a need for a pop of colour!  (I am so funny, I kill me… ;p), here is my “Pomegranate Pinecone” centrepiece

IMG_8210 IMG_8208

Next month is definitely all about Christmas so, we’ll enjoy this one for a little bit…

4 thoughts on “My November Mantel

  1. Thanks Jean! I do so live red…comes in a close second to orange… I am enjoying putting together these mantels and giving them meaning.


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