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Gratitude Sunday – November 30, 2014

Well… I didn’t totally succeed at my NaBloPoMo… I missed the last three days!  Oh well… I did way better than I ever have at anything that lasts a whole month.  I am pretty pleased with the reasons, though!  I was busy with food business, which was a grand thing.  I can’t complain on that one, that’s for sure.

The week was filled with cooking, cooking and more cooking plus entertaining and drinking vast quantities of wine… Not a bad week at all!  I even managed to squeeze in a good walk or two with Zeke – not always easy when there are deadlines…

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Gratitude List

  1. First time I had two orders (besides cakes) for the same day and did all right time-wise!
  2. Make my very first Yorkshire Puddings and they turned out quite lovely and were well-received by all.
  3. I was able to make my Friday delivery with the help of my three guys… made everything so much easier.
  4. Kitchen Stadium was kept spic and span throughout the evening – Hubs did more than his share.
  5. Though I did not do thirty posts in thirty days for NaBloPoMo, I did do quite a few of them and am pretty pleased with myself.

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