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The Year in Books : January 2015

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A new year, a new slew of books!

Having had a most difficult December, it took me ages to read what should have taken a few days at most.  We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler was a read that kept me interested despite the happenings.  And talk about increasing one’s vocabulary!  Thank goodness I was reading it on my iPad so that, at a touch of the screen, I could get the definition of some of them.  Stupid iPad, if the word was followed by a ~ stuck to it, I could not adjust, therefore, get no definition.  Drove me nuts and may just drive me towards a real Kindle…

I cannot properly describe this book without giving away very important information but let us just say that there is a sad story behind the, what seems at first, frivolous, beginning.  The phrase that struck me most was, when asked about her day, Rosemary is told to “start in the middle”.  She tells the story by starting from the middle, then goes to the end of the beginning, then the beginning of the end until we get all the pieces to the full story.   Thank you for suggesting it, Safia!  You were right, I truly did enjoy it!

My second read was supposed to be the Martha Beck one: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World and I will continue picking it up and reading a chapter here and there when the mood strikes.  It didn’t last month.

So, without further ado, this month’s choice was suggested to me by my niece, Jennifer, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  The circus arrives one day without any advance notice, opens only for one night after sundown and disappears the next day.  It is called “Le Cirque des Rêves”  (Circus of Dreams) and is a unique experience.  So looking forward to getting more into it!  So far, so good!



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  1. I have that on my shelf. I was given it for Christmas a few years ago as part of a set of three books. I’ve read the other two, wonder why I never got around to reading this one. Oddly enough every book that I have put off reading because I’ve not really fancied it, I have in the end LOVED. The Glass Palace is one of those. It took me years to get around to reading it and now I read it at least once every year!


    • Funny how that happens! I’ve had books that just seemed “meh” and avoided and when I finally picked them up, was pleasantly surprised!


    • Well the funny thing is, my website is Dalectables.com but was originally Dale’s Delectables until a friend suggested I change it… I never got around to changing this, though I did consider it… 😉


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