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Gratitude Sunday – January 11, 2015

After a long break, I felt I could now come back to another “normal” – returning to my gratitude list series.  One would think there are not many things I could be grateful for lately but that is so false.  I am grateful for so much.  I am surrounded by people who love me and care for me; who are there when I need them; who are looking out for me and my boys so I am very blessed!

For those of you who have seen it, enjoy again or skip it; for the others, the following is an ad for TD Canada Trust my husband, Mick, was asked to participate in.  He was thrilled to the gills to be chosen as spokesperson and could not wait to see it.  Sadly it came out last week and he never got a chance to see what a great job he did.  The least I can do is shout it out for him!

Gratitude List

2015-01-10 20.54.42

  1. I was able to take my boys to the hockey game on Saturday night.  They were supposed to go with their father on his birthday but that was not possible.  There was one more set of tickets left in the pack and, though I was a “poor” replacement, (no, no… don’t take it negatively – I don’t!) the boys and I had a great time.
  2. Not a day goes by that I don’t get a phone call from my mother and/or my sisters, checking up on me.
  3. I am surrounded by people who have my best interests at heart and, though I have moments of worrying what’s in my (our) future, am assured I’ve no need to worry.
  4. Through the wonderful world of Facebook and the Blogosphere I have found friendships that are totally inexplicable to those who just don’t participate in “that” world!  You know who you are!
  5. I’ve started up my food business again so am feeling more productive!

46 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – January 11, 2015

  1. You and your boys have got to be proud of the TD ad. It’s great! The shot within the video of Mick with his sons on either side is beautiful! And you have chosen to resume your food business. Onward, Dale! And why not? 🙂

    Your spirit seems undaunted even though I know otherwise. Coming back to your Gratitude Sunday posts seems such a comforting way for you to stay connected with everyday life (and us) while you process. There is nothing but genuine appreication in your warm words. Thanks for bringing gratitude to the fore for many of us.

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    • We are definitely proud! (I would maybe have liked to be included but!) and yes, his pride and joy on either side of him was perfect! Yes, onward! Why not, indeed! Besides, it’s better than turning around in circles wondering what to do next!

      You are right. I seem undaunted (fake it, till you make it, eh?) It is most comforting to me to stay connected to you all. You’ve all be such a huge help with your loving words, kindness, prayers for the praying type, best wishes for the non praying type. I am so happy you get the genuine appreciation. It was and is absolutely genuine! Thank YOU for being there…

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  2. What a beautiful tribute for Mick.

    You know I’m a great espouser of gratitude, even if all you can manage is “I am still breathing” it’s a start 🙂 and hey don’t knock “fake it till you make it” It worked for me 🙂

    Love Gilie x

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    • Isn’t it though?
      Yes, you are and so am I… I have had days where I’m just grateful I remembered to set the coffee for the next day! 😉 More people should try it (the fake it till you make it)! xo


  3. That’s the first time I’ve seen the ad, Dale – gosh, so poignant – what a lovely man you’ve all lost, but how comforting to have this too. You are an inspiration – keep going – it’s the only way in this life. Looking forward to some more recipes soon. PS – love your new Twitter avatar – that surely is not a selfie?!

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    • It is indeed. I’m like those people in the movies who keep pressing “play” over and over just to hear the voice…
      Thank you, I will absolutely keep going! Of course more recipes are coming!
      And yes… it is a selfie! I took a fabulous photo class and we had to take one and then play around with it. Both teacher and I were very pleased with the end result!

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  4. Although we’ve never met, plus our blog connection for only a short … I sense your determination to move forward. Cheers for that. Sure you have your moments, and yes, there will be many more of those … but I can sense your grit! 🙂 … Cheers for that! Hooray for a great ad. …. One question … who won the hockey game?

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    • Yes Frank, this is one determined, truly gritty woman! 😉 And don’t have to “know” someone for long to have a connection – see Raye! I feel like I’ve known her forever! Yes, a great ad indeed! He “done” good! Oh. We lost to the Penguins. Got a stupid “too-many-men-on-the-ice-penalty” during the overtime and then one of our guys broke his stick. Not saying that they didn’t deserve the win, it was a really nice goal…I can be gracious too 😉


  5. Dale that is a wonderful video and I’m glad you shared it. I was so happy to see your pictures of you and the boys at the Hockey game on Saturday. You are an amazing woman. Deb xo

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    • Thanks, Deb! I’m glad everyone is enjoying it. It makes me happy to share a little piece of who he was. We really enjoyed ourselves on Saturday. Awww. Thanks! Xoxo


  6. Beautiful post, Dale. I have such a warm spot in my heart for that ad, even though (1) I hate advertising (now that I’m an ex-ad girl) and (2) I’ve never met Mick. He just seems so genuine and charismatic and “doesn’t put on any airs” (as my 102-year-old great aunt likes to say). I know I would’ve liked him instantly if we’d met. You were blessed to find each other and I’m sorry your time together (on earth, anyway) was too short. I think you really need to write a book. Have you read Susannah’s Conway “This I Know: Notes from Unraveling the Heart”? I just finished it, and I loved it, but it’s the exact opposite of your attitude right now (at least the first half of the book). She lost her boyfriend to a heart attack and went through the deepest depths of depression. Interesting how she found her way back, though.


    • Thanks Joy. You would have loved him because frankly, to meet him was to love him. Totally genuine (like me! 😉 ) and we were truly blessed to have found each other… that will definitely be one of the stories. Yes, I actually am going to write a book! It will be a compilation of all of our adventures, big and small. Keep ya’all posted. Actually, I think I will post “chapters” on the blog. No, never heard of that book. Happy to hear she did find her way out!


    • I’m glad you got a chance to see him “in action”, Tammy! He did indeed. It was his “Heyyyy budddyyyyy” that we miss even more that went with the smile!


  7. i think you are the bravest woman I know.The ad Mick made is so real. It tugs terribly at my heart to know he is gone. Just looking at him talking about saving for a retirement he will not experience makes me choke up. Know that I live in your blogosphere and have your back. Warmest thoughts and hugs. Vivachange.

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