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Gratitude Sunday – January 25, 2015

I somehow missed doing a Gratitude post last week… must be because I had to go up north to another funeral for another too-young man, father of two, ex-husband to my cousin (would have been weird us both being widows at the same time…) and got home on Sunday and had stuff to do.  Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.  Neither here nor there, I’m here now!


It was a good week for the most part.  There were people to feed, others to bring up to speed, walks to take and generally things to do!

Gratitude List

  1. My sister, Lisa, gave me the necklace pictured above with Mick’s and Austin’s birth moons.  Just so happens both Mick and I were born on Blue Moons (and they say they are rare… pffft!)

  2. I had my first dinner party on Saturday with on of Mick’s dearest friends and his wife and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all (which I feared I would).

  3. I had lunch with an old friend (and ex-boss) and, during our extended lunch, he got a call and, can you imagine?  He needed a lunch for 5 for the next day.  Who better than moi to help out a friend in need on such short notice?  Plus he decided to order family meals like I already do for two families…

  4. My cousin Marc came four times this week to finish up the drywall work Mick didn’t have a chance to finish.  So nice to have family members who just so happen to work in construction, eh?  I told him there was absolutely no rush but once started, he wanted it done.  xoxo to you, Marc!

  5. I took a couple of two-hour walks with Zeke and hooked up with “The Ladies” and their pooches.  I hadn’t been yet in the new year and it was nice to reconnect.  And we went to “my” river for a romp too.





58 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – January 25, 2015

    • What a wonderful happenstance for sure! And, I thought I would let you know that I am finally working on finishing my needlepoint! 😉


  1. We haven’t been encountering each other on blogs all that long, but I must say that you are one impressive lady! Go you girl!!!! 🙂 … and I’m grateful to have you as a blogger buddy … besides, I know you look forward to the banter between Raye & I.


  2. Lovely good and simple things on your gratitude list. I can feel the warmth of love surrounding you. It corresponds with your feeding other people and your joy in just being with Zeke and friends. ❤


    Yeah, probably so….
    I need to find the two of you (Lovely MissyD and DancingDancy aFA ) something to do with all your spare time…other than dissing on me…aka FLOOZIE. I suggest we meet half-way…Italy?…and go here: http://susannehaun.com/2015/01/27/siena-ist-immer-eine-reise-wert-susanne-haun/ (Click on small photos for gallery images.) Since I’m the “dis-ee” I get more votes than either of you. Siena it is!! Either of you been? I have. I’ll be the tour guide…..

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