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Winter’s Delights


Waves of reflections


Here on the South Shore of Montreal we seem to be exempt from the snowfall planned for the North-Eastern States.  However, the cold is definitely here!  I decided to make like a kid and dress up in my full snowsuit and get some air.  Brrr!  -22ºC (-8ºF) with a windchill of -27ºC (-17ºF).  Let’s just say Zeke was NOT getting the two-hour walk!

We decided on going behind the Industrial area as that is not too far and there are still fields for Zeke to run around in.  But then again, there are fields where the wind gets a chance to blow too!  To get to the fields, there are two tiny wooded areas on either side of the street leading to one of the businesses.


Into the woods


While walking through, my phone rang and it was my friend Karen.  Surprisingly, I was able to actually hold the phone barehanded, while sitting just past the woods and into the field ~ in the sun, where there was no wind, facing a third section of woods.


Shades of Blues and yellows


Zeke was a very patient boy as I sat there slowly feeling my toes freeze ~ not moving in this weather is a definite no-no!  Time to hang up and go!




We ran around a bit, I snapped a few more pics and off to home and warmth!



32 thoughts on “Winter’s Delights

  1. Hi Dale, I was just thinking the same of MM, when I spotted his comment. That course you did seems to have been brilliant and of course you clearly were a brilliant student!

  2. Hello Dale,

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them,
    Hope you came home to a good hot cup of cocoa.

    I’m in Massachsetts, getting through the storm fine so far.


    • Hey there Carol. Thank you! I ended up making myself a green tea!
      How bad is the storm? I cannot believe we are not being touched, not one bit, here in Montreal…

        • Oh thank goodness! We have a brilliant sun as well. I can hear the birds singing and it is not quite as cold as yesterday so Zeke and I will go out there and explore!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! And I LOVE reading the comments from others who are noticing how far you’ve come as a photographer–see, it’s not just your teacher! 🙂 (And thanks for the shout-out–you are always so generous.) Please tell me, when you get a chance, about that top photo. It’s a lovely abstract shot. I’d love to know what exactly it is and how you achieved it.

    • 😀 You know me, Joy! I tell it like it is! (Maybe I do have a smidge of talent after all!) The top photo is along a small road. I am standing in a ditch and the shadows are the lovely woods to one side. Pretty cool, eh? In Google, I’ll be posting some variations on the theme (thanks to a friend who beat me to it playing with MY photos on Facebook it will look like it was not my idea but I did have plans…)

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