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Just Stop and Look

I spent the morning helping out at the school with the Grade 9 vaccinations.  They were a good group this year!  Only one near-fainter and a couple of pale faces and not one talk-back about going back to class.  Last year’s bunch, well, a little more lippy!

It ended just in time for lunch with Armen at the Barbú where we hardly spoke about the business ~ still so much to discuss and iron out but not now ~ and mostly spoke about life without Mick and Siran (his sister).  It sure isn’t easy, and like me, he misses the little things:  impromptu lunches with Mick (I am not quite the same thing!), going to Siran’s for dinner; joining his sisters to visit their mother; phone calls about nothing; working on week-ends.  To this last one I told him to take it as a sign.  Maybe his inability to work on the week-ends was the Universe telling him to spend more time with your family and less time at the shop!  We each have our moments and are still struck with disbelief at our month of December.  Losing a sister is not the same as losing a spouse.  I could not even imagine losing one of my sisters and he cannot imagine losing his wife.  He had a double-whammy with Mick/Siran and I cannot imagine what he’s going through!

So, once we had commiserated enough, we then chose to talk about other things. Things that make us smile. Things that make us laugh.  Planning our next camping trips ~ am I REALLY going to drive that Beast and haul that big-ass trailer and join them?  I mean seriously, look at the length of that whole thing!!


Anyway, bellies full it was back to work for him and back home for me to go through paperwork… ugh… with maybe a heavy dose of procrastination on The Facebook and The Google and The Twitter and… well, you get the point!

At 4:45 pm with just 15 minutes to get in and get out, I remembered I wanted to pick up bread at Weston (wholesaler) so I hopped into the car.  It is to be noted that it is a mere 2 km drive at best!  Found what I wanted and stepped out.

The sky was just amazing!  Having only my phone on me, right there in the parking lot I snapped a few pics, freezing my hands in the process.

As I crossed the overpass, I actually fleetingly considered stopping (and causing quite the traffic jam) to snap a couple more because by now the colours were splendiferous!  No, I did not take the chance of snapping whilst driving (not that I’ve never done that…ahem.)  So now I’m racing home, hoping I will be able to capture that sky in all it’s splendour.  This time I did stop on the side of my cross-street ~ not completely blocking it… to capture this one.

2015-01-27 16.59.27

I parked my car and stepped out onto my driveway to take one last one…

2015-01-27 17.01.29

How gorgeous is that?  I did not enhance a thing.  This is all “natch!”  All I did was crop the last one as there were too many cars and yucky snow in the way…

Sometimes, you just have to stop and look at the beauty around you, don’t you think?

27 thoughts on “Just Stop and Look

  1. Sometimes? How about all the time? 🙂

    And the Universe is always providing signs. We just too often don’t pause to look at and listen for them. Glad you did for such a beautiful sunset. Amazing shots!

    And I’m sure there are many readers/friends who can definitely see you in “Beast Mode.” Have at it.

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    • Ha ha! Absolutely right! It should be all the time!

      I have learnt to totally listen to the Universe…it doesn’t steer me wrong unless I’ve put in the wrong request (then it is I who is in the wrong!)

      See me in “Beast Mode”…I like it!!


  2. Beautiful sunset. Glad you were able to catch it. And yes, I agree that truck and trailer is a monster…maybe a big smiley face on the rear would help… and staying on straight and level roads…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so nice when you can capture it (not on some highway or other place you cannot stop) and ha! Don’t know that a smiley face would help me drive better! But it may make the surrounding vehicles more patient… 😉


    • Oh darlin’ Joy! I will definitely be going down to New Yawk! I may just be making my way to the Jersey Shore but will not haul that monstrosity to the Big Apple! Those will be two separate trips! 😉


  3. Yes, yes, Dale. I have missed a lot of the beauty around me and love that your photos remind me to keep on observing! So glad you were able to spend that time with a friend and that you have each other.

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    • Why we forget to take the time is beyond me. Oh yeah, I’m guilty of it myself! Glad you like them and oh yes, Armen and Sandi (his wife) are very special to me!


  4. Sun rises, sunsets, rapidly changing cloud formations – those are what I call “living moments”. Not only do I enjoy the wonder, but i am sparked to ask myself if I was just going through the motions for the rest of the day. Lovely photos.

    Had to chuckle at your one “near fainter”. Poor thing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Living moments ~ I like that! Thank you.
      Yes, the poor dear… there was a guy who suffered even worse and was kept beside the nurses…


      • It’s the pre-shot anxiety that kills ’em. Firtunately this year both my grandkids could get flu mist instead of shots. We’ve been in ‘shot-duty’ since they were born ‘cuz parents couldn’t handle it 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh it is… This one girl was so hysterical, it took 2 nurses and a 1 teacher… Lord have mercy! Today’s parents…big wimps! 😉 I was always on doctor/hospital/shots/whatever duty because my husband couldn’t handle it… after our first-born and all his ills, he just couldn’t do it any more for the 2 others… Ever the bloody “strong” one am I…


    • 😀 I don’t know about it – yet! I am contemplating it. If the boys are interested in camping, I’m willing to have a go at it. We’ll go with others, obviously. The thought of even trying to park that thing gives me the heebie-jeebies!

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