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When Pants Go Awry

This was the plan:  Have breakfast, wait for the morning rush hour to be over, pick up my dishes at my clients from the last catering job (and hopefully see an old friend or two who work there) and then take Zeke up to Mount Royal as the client’s biz is in what is known as the “Plateau Mont-Royal”, a walk from said Mount.

Made banana waffles for the boys, made their lunches, sent them off to school, drank my coffee, ate my waffle topped with Greek yogurt and blueberries with just a splash of maple syrup,  got dressed, grabbed my camera and off Zeke and I went.

Timing was perfect ~ no traffic whatsoever!  Drove through the alley to Elixir’s parking lot and buzzed myself in.  Oh happy days! Hélène was there and on top of that, it’s her birthday!  Hugs, kisses, a little bit of catch-up with promises of having lunch soon and we were off!

Drove a little ways and decided to go up to the Mount Royal Cemetery as I remembered there were nice woods to walk in… Spotted an old abandoned house and decided to walk up a ways to take a picture.  On my way back, had a nice view of one of the entrances to the Cemetery.

Of course, when a dog must “go”, he must “go”!  So, as any good pet-owner does, I reached down to pick up the poop and RRRRRIIIIIPPPP!


Here? Now?

Dammit!  Though much warmer than yesterday, the thought of traipsing through the woods ~ which are quite populated with hikers, cyclers, joggers ~ with my arse hanging out did not appeal to me!  No, seriously, I was not exposed at all, they were just right to become future Daisy Dukes were I 30 years younger.  No matter, let us just say that a draft was now a sure thing.

So, sorry Zeke, no long walk in the woods for you today.  As I was just around the corner to the Camillien Houde Belvedere, I did stop there to let him get a tad more air whilst I took a couple of shots of the City.

Yep, sometimes going with the flow, really means listening to the Universe!  Just yesterday when I put on same pants, I noted to myself:  “Gee, these are getting quite thin.  I may just have to go shopping soon.”  Be careful.  The Universe is ALWAYS listening!

21 thoughts on “When Pants Go Awry

  1. Very funny! I had to laugh because the same thing happened to my husband when he bent to pick up our dog who’d been stung by a bee(she’s allergic). He had to take her to the emergency vet with his backside hanging out of his shorts!


  2. I hope you didn’t get frostbite there! That’s great that you laughed it all off and ended up taking those beautiful shots. I bet you could turn those into Daisy Duke shorts for when it gets warmer!

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    • I think my coat was just long enough to protect me! Oh, you so have to laugh it off (what good would it do to get angry about it!) You know, the ones of Montreal were taken after the incident…there were a few other people there…hmmm…I forgot about my situation! Wonder if? Yeah, were I 30 lbs lighter as well as 20 years younger maybe I would!


  3. So funny! I love my old pants, though, when they start to get a little thin and so very comfy, and invariably pick an older pair when Gibson and I go traipse through the woods or I do some kind of project around the house! I could see this kind of thing happening to me! 🙂

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    • I thought I was particularly clever! 😉
      Yes, she had to shout this time! (Sometimes, when it comes to spending money on myself, she has to shout…)

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