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The Kindness of “Strangers”

One can meet people anywhere.  Taking a classes, doing the groceries, through other friends.  Sometimes we don’t even meet them in person, yet we click and a friendship forms ~ sometimes even more so because of the lack of face-to-face.  This is why I put the word “Strangers” in quotes.

I can say with certainty that I am so well surrounded by these “Strangers” that I feel totally blessed.    Some I have been exchanging with for over a year, some less; some have been through Facebook, some through the blogging world and some on Google+.  Who would think that taking an on-line photography course would bring in a new batch of friends?  I could not, nor would not, want to change these wonderful meetings.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but, too bad, I’m doing so again!  These new friends are very special to me.  Have helped me during this most difficult time. Have surprised me with their kindness.

Today the mailman came by and placed a box beside my door. What a wonderful surprise!  A box!  Now who doesn’t enjoy receiving a package with their name on it?  Come on…no one!  It is the coolest thing.  The anticipation of opening up the package to see what is inside ~ the best!

This box had a rattle inside, like there were pieces of Legos or other small items.  I knew without looking at the return label just who they were from…

Jerri DeCarolis, a most wonderful woman who took a photography course with me was making Pfeffernuse (Pepper Nuts) and had posted a picture of them in our Google classroom.  I asked her what they were (as they were lined up on a Silpat) and she told me and then I jokingly (ok, half-jokingly) wrote “want”.  And she asked me for my address!  She explained that they were an old Belgian family recipe that are only made at Christmas by herself and her aunt because they were so time-consuming.



Jerri!  I just love you to bits for this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

And yes, when I do get myself out to Colorado, I am so contacting you (as you will me, should you finally make it to the Montreal area!!)


34 thoughts on “The Kindness of “Strangers”

  1. So….freakin’….cool! How thoughtful.

    I once got an email from another blogger who asked for my email because she wanted to give me a copy of her book.

    It’s amazing how many people you “meet” and how quickly you grow to care about them. You are one of those people for me, Dale. Your warmth shone right through your words when we were hoombahing together! (Sounds risque, right? Ha!)

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    • Unbelievably cool! I was touched indeed!
      Yes, it is indeed absolutely amazing how you can grow to care about them (same for me: you and CJ are those people!), to look forward to just what comments you get and sometimes the repartee that goes on is just, the best! Well, anyone who hoombahed with you two, totally gets it!


  2. Oh, Dale, that had me grinning madly 😋 it’s enough that we find these new buddies but pffeufferneuse (close to correct spelling!) is a real bonus!! Unexpected personal mail IS the best 😋 enjoy your weekend.

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  3. The little touches. A word. A gesture. A packet of nibbbly “cookies”. They all make a difference…..

    Some how missed out on them this last Christmas……

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    • For sure, Vivi! I would absolutely keep the faith alive. I think if we keep spreading the good news instead of the bad there will be a shift… Or maybe I’m dreaming in Technicolor but I’ll continue to do so!


  4. That’s why I enjoys Social Media we meet the best people. Like you Dale I wouldn’t know you if it weren’t through Twitter. And I’m so happy we have met. Deb xo

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  5. Dale, this totally warmed my heart! Little did I know, when I was planning out photography courses, that there would be this absolutely wonderful fringe benefit of finding true friends “out there.” (Well, I “knew” you before my courses, but not Jerri and the rest of “the gang.”) It’s really the best part of it. I treasure it, and am so thankful for my students who have become dear friends. xox Joy


    • Joy, it is so wonderful indeed. Obviously, you could run into a gang not so open to share and want to get to know each other. And I guess that would be OK. However, you hit on a wonderful group! Of course, I think we made the group what it is too. It is so the best part of these on-line courses (or, as I like to say, excuses to learn and meet new people!) I treasure it so much as well. I’m thankful to you for having started this particular round…


  6. Dale, What a lovely post, and what a lovely friend.

    I’ve found what you say about the kindness of strangers to be so truw!

    Wishing you blessings,

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