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Frittering Away the Day

In today’s world we are supposed to be busy, busy, busy.  That to sit around doing basically nothing is just not done!

Well, today I’ve broken that “cardinal” rule.  I basically did a whole lotta nuthin’.  I didn’t even get dressed!

I ate whatever was around that needed no attention – or just a bake in the oven (frozen pizza, anyone?).

I spent HOURS on Facebook and WordPress and Twitter.

Oh wait!  I did have a lovely five-minute Skype session with a friend – with the promise that we’d have a REALZ one soon!

But other than that? NOTHING.

Why am I admitting this?  Because it’s OK. Because it is not a regular practice (though I could so see how once you start, you could fall into such a pattern that it would be difficult to get out of!)  I haven’t really given myself permission to just be.  Since December 11th, I’ve been on auto-pilot and done what has to be done.

Today I was tired.  Not the need-a-nap kind of tire.  A need-to-just-do-nothing tired.

Though I did get a hankering to eat some chips ~ but not enough to actually get dressed and cross the street to the dépanneur (convenience store to you-non-Quebeckers) and buy some!  I actually took out three potatoes and hand-cut them into (too)thin slices and baked them.  Hah!  Sorry, picture is blurry, may have been weak with hunger…


So I can say that I was not totally lazy ~ serious effort was needed to make these, no?

That said, I sat on my duff, watched some movies I had taped eons ago; one a lovely Canadian flick called Cloudburst about two old lesbians who escape from an old folks home to drive to Canada so they can get married after 31 years of living together.  The wonderful Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker played the couple.  The foul mouth on Olympia was enough to make me blush!  OK… not really, but still.. coming out of a 70-year-old woman it was something!

I then decided to finish watching “Always” that I had PVR’d on the morning of December 11th.  I only realised this when I clicked on it to watch it.  Needless to say, I was stunned to see it was the same morning that Mick had his heart attack.  I had been watching it at 8:00 am while eating my breakfast and decided to tape it to watch it later on… Was preparing to walk Zeke when I got that fateful phone call.

Lump in my throat, I decided to watch it anyway.  I do that.  Some might say, don’t watch it, it hits too close to home!  Which is incentive for me to watch it anyway!  Funny how the Universe seems to put things into our path at the right time.


17 thoughts on “Frittering Away the Day

  1. There must be something in the air, I’m feeling very much the same and had already decided that on my day off tomorrow (which is usually for creating) I’m going to lie in and do absolutely nothing I don’t want to other than taking the dog for a walk! I’m going to look out for Cloudburst, sounds great.

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    • Yes! That is what it is called. Not laziness, filling your tanks… I like it. And absolutely necessary; those who don’t, end up in burnout! I’m glad I did too!


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