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One Day

It’s not that we always went out of our way for Valentine’s Day.  Some years yes, some, not so much.  Last year just happened to be really special ~ the irony of life, I guess.  Who knew it was our last one?  At the time, Mick did not want me to post pictures or blog of what he had created for me as he wanted to keep it just between us.  I did share this post at the time, and not to disrespect his wishes, but needing to show what a wonderful year we had had, I did give more details.

Yesterday I was feeling a little melancholy.  I don’t think I was thinking of what today is per se but I was just missing him.  The house was empty as the boys were off doing their thing – which is a good thing! I had oodles of things to do but no energy to do them so I used the “I’m allowed” card.

Then Paolo Nutini song “One Day” came on the radio (love that scratchy voice of his) and it felt bittersweet.  Like the song.  It fit my mood.  I love this song.

So today is a day for love of all types (kinda what I said last year, eh?) so I am wishing you all a most wonderful day full of the kind of love you need/have/desire!  Whether it be self-love or amourous-love or friend-love.  Go out there and find it!  (Or stay in and enjoy it!)

Patti, my sweetheart of a friend, (don’t tell her I called her that!) wanted to ensure I did not find myself empty-handed on this day so she gave me this!


Tonight is our annual “Celebrate-Andre’s-Birthday-With-Shooters-Night” where I play with the boys and try to keep up (which I am pretty good at, if I say so myself!)  Mick was not the shooter-guy type, so the responsibility fell to me…  This was also the one time in the year where Mick was MY designated driver so, no worries folks, I’m also bringing my PJs and a toothbrush so that I don’t drive home!


26 thoughts on “One Day

    • Nope… So enjoy each one as it comes, is what I say!
      Well… I don’t know how much relaxing we’ll do (quite the wild bunch) but definitely the stress of having to stop to drive will be removed.
      Yes, I was checking my post when I realised I did the wrong “insert”. It’s fixed now! Thank you… Isn’t he great? Still not 30 but boy oh boy…

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  1. Hello Dale,

    Thanks for sharing that song, I’d not heard it before! Isn’t it wonderful how music can help? One of my favorite songs is from a movie – see Once – Falling Slowly Movie Scene http://youtu.be/VhN5zX4U7oA

    Valentine’s Day is a good day to celebrate all sorts of love — it’s all good!

    BTW, my husband and I watched the movie Tootsie last night. So funny, so great! I also love “A New Leaf” — see my post Turn Over A New Leaf http://www.ahhthesimplelife.com/turn-over-a-new-leaf/

    Hope you enjoyed “Celebrate-Andre’s-Birthday-With-Shooters-Night”

    Although we have not met, I can tell you are a lovely person, and wish you all the blessings you deserve,


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    • Oh I absolutely adore Falling Slowly! Thanks for reminding me of it.
      Tootsie is such a classic, isn’t it?
      I’m going to check out that post, tout de suite! (I thought I was subscribed…gonna check my settings!)
      Thank you. You seem very lovely yourself!


  2. Dale, I am not sure what a shooters night is, but I bet you can do one right!

    I love the message your friend sent you on the heart. What I’m realizing more and more is that we feel what we feel, and that is ok. No matter what you are feeling – immense joy, sadness, or whatever falls in between and around, we can just sit with it, acknowledge it and not have to force ourselves to feel differently. I think you already have this wisdom. I’m learning! I’m learning!

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    • Let’s just say that it all started three years ago… four couples got together to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Vodka came out of the freezer, shots were had and, well, as the evening progressed, more and more. To say I woke up the next day without any pain whatsoever would be a lie! My eyelashes hurt. So, of course, this has become an annual ritual. I may or may not have needed Aleve this morning at 6…

      I love the way you put it: No matter what you are feeling – immense joy, sadness, or whatever falls in between and around. I think I have this wisdom too. (Though I wouldn’t have been wise enough to say so ~ I would have said that it is what it is and you just have to go through it. Your way of saying it is so much more poetic! As we live, we continue to learn. To stop is not to live!


  3. Oh, CJ’s favorite, “It is what it is,” is a weekly comment if not daily! Great mantra.

    I am not sure I’ve ever been called poetic (actually, I’m sure I haven’t!), so I may have to copy your comment and save it forever.

    I do think you have that wisdom, Dale, and I have learned a lot from you about how to live.

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    • Not a bad mantra!
      You do that, because you are!
      Thanks; I believe we have a choice to learn from life’s lessons and to share what we’ve learnt (Big fan of Oprah’s Master Class, lately!)


  4. I love your courage. It just comes through every time I read another of your posts. Bless you for that courage. And–Paolo–I pictured him a tiny little old man when I first heard his voice a couple of years ago. Always amazed to see how young he is. And now, that he can smoke and sing at the same time:).

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  5. This is nice, Dale. So reflective and fitting for Valentine’s remembering the ones we love. Don’t think I’ve ever heard this song by Paolo. I like it. I never heard of him before. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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