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Gratitude Sunday – February 15, 2015

It was a week of ups and downs ~ but mostly of ups!  I had fun participating in A Frank Angle’s Life: The Musical.  You see, I only started following him recently so I didn’t know about this lovely project (the second one of its type) where his readers are asked to participate in the acts making up the musical.  I arrived at the Epilogue and submitted my song without completely understanding what this was all about.  Well, I had me a whole lotta fun (and gave him a run for his money) by going back and participating in each act.  Fun stuff and one that really made me think of what to share to represent me in each act.  Frank was most kind and gracious by catering to my whims and taking the time to comment my choices.

Gratitude List

  1. Not only did Patti give me chocolates when we saw each other on Wednesday; Fhameeda (my neighbour, five house down) did too!

  2. We had our annual birthday celebration for Andre and I paced myself so that I could last (read out-last) the evening.  Kept up with the boys!

  3. Received the beautiful bouquet above – definitely was spoiled this year!

  4. Ever so lucky that my paediatrician has emergency clinic every morning from 8:30-9:30 – no appointment necessary.  All is good with the boy.

  5. It was a week of seeing old friends and new friends; catching up on each others’ lives – some taking three hours to try and cram in 18 years!  Will definitely have to re-do that one!

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  1. Wow … to be the entire opening paragraph of a Gratitude Sunday post is quite the honor. Meanwhile, I admire all the work that you had to do to avoid duplication! I invite your readers to join in with yet-to-be named musical that is scheduled to premier sometime in March … and cheers to your gratitude list!

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