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Sunday Gratitude – February 22, 2015

It was a “Meh” kind of week!  Nothing overly exciting, and that’s OK.  We can’t be on the go all the time!  There has to be some time for reflection or just plain laziness (which was partly my case this past week!)  I had no oomph per se most of the week.  That said, it doesn’t mean I can’t find a bunch of things to be grateful for!  There is always room for positive acknowledgment.

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Gratitude List

  1. It was so fun to share Shrove Tuesday (Pancake for supper night) with our neighbours (who had no idea that this tradition existed!!

  2. I managed to do my 10,000+ steps twice this past week (which made Zeke very happy) and met a very lovely couple who completely feel in love with Zeke – even inviting me to stop by in the future for a coffee; but only if I brought him!!

  3. As nailcutting was Mick’s job, I am very happy Josée clipped Zeke’s nails for me when she picked up her meals.  No more “click, click clicking” as the beast walks back and forth and back again!

  4. Had a mild panick attack (OK, I may exaggerate just a tad, I’m not the panicking type!) when I could not find my keys after one of my walks. I did NOT feel like backtracking my steps to search for them. Lo and behold! There they were. In. The. Door.  Guess I should add that I’m totally grateful no one just turned said key and waltzed into my house!

  5. It was great to chat with Leslie tonight (and she only cried three times! 😉 It had been, what, 16-17 years since we last saw each other, worked together and simply chatted.  Must definitely do this more often!

  6. I am beyond happy that I have been connecting, either in person or on the phone or via Skype, with old and new friends instead of just sending each other emails or texts or Facebook messages.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – February 22, 2015

  1. I like that expression, a ‘meh” kind of week. Just about sums up most of February for me. That being said, I was very proud of my pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. It’s the first time I’ve succeeded in making ones I can toss. Nailcutting is one thing my dog won’t allow me to to. I have to take her to the vet for that one.

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    • February may be the shortest month in days but man can it be the longest n time, eh?
      Good for you on the pancake toss! Neighbours enjoyed mine stuffed with ham, cheese, bacon….”Fat” Tuesday for a reason!
      As for the nails…Josée used to work for a vet…sure helps!

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    • Och! You are SO MEAN!!! (Not about thinking of that pesky aFa…) I could peg my sheets on my clothesline but I fear they would be stiff before I could take them out of the laundry basket! Then my fingers, though encased in massive mitts would fall off as they fumble to take the clothespins out of the box.
      59 degrees.
      Is my room ready?


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