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Gratitude Sunday – March 1, 2015

Oh thank GAWD!  February is OVER! Does that mean we’ll get warmer weather and a sign of spring?  I’m not asking for much… just maybe a little closer to zero Celsius would be nice.  Don’t want to be too demanding… They are predicting +1ºC on Wednesday.  I will not, however, get too excited.  Still, it would be a nice change from the nostril-sticking-together, to-the-bones, rather-stay-curled-up-in-flannel cold we’ve had during this past month.  All over the country (and our neighbours to the south of us) records were broken for cold.  Apparently, it was the coldest February in 115 years.  One hundred and fifteen years!  Seriously.  No wonder we were all bitching in harmony.

OK. I promise not to complain about the weather unless it truly forces me to.  I am a fairly tough broad and can handle pretty much anything but it was just getting a little ~ much.

This past week there were plenty of moments to be grateful for.  It’s funny how this gratitude thing works.  I was thinking that I had spent the week curled up, miserable and sad but as I look back, there were mere moments.  This gratitude thing really does work.  You can’t help but feel better, more positive if you are focusing on the good instead of the bad.

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For our concert, the music started, Bryan took the microphone and turned it to the audience and we sang the whole first part… It was AH-MA-ZING!

Gratitude List

  1. Thank you Cathy for inviting me to be your date to the Bryan Adams concert – and for dinner at Ye Olde Orchard Pub!  What a fantastic evening: great show, super company and good food.

  2. I am so glad I remain friends with my ex-boyfriends – especially when they are in the legal field and know what I need to do, help me fill out what needs to be filled out, register what needs to be registered and transfer what needs to be transferred.  I cannot thank Daniel enough for his help these past two months and know he will be there for what still needs to be done.

  3. I finally got a chance to make the “high-heel cupcakes” that I’ve been dying to make ever since I saw a picture of some.  Fun stuff.  Thanks Anna & Yolanda for the orders!

  4. Is there anything better that a hot bath by candlelight?  What a way to warm your bones when nothing else seems to work!  I don’t indulge that often as I have a ridiculously huge tub (for 2) which completely empties the hot water tank of hot water before it is completely full!  Good thing too, because by the time it is full, only cold water is coming out and I would scald myself!  I know because I foolishly thought I would get in before it was full. Yeah. No.

  5. So happy for Patti & Georges that they got their house!  ‘Twas a nail-biting supper before our movie night (The Kingsmen) waiting for “the call” which finally came announcing that their offer was the winner.  Fun stuff!

45 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – March 1, 2015

  1. Awesome cupcakes. Well done!!! Yep … you had a good week. And just so you know, I know that I’m a given on this list. After all, I don’t want to be 20% of every list. 😉

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    • Thanks Joy! They were a blast to make. I had to hold back on the colours! March. You and I both know that March is such a lion… (see how I linked your post to mine? Clever, eh?) And yes, I simply loathe when there is snow on my birthday. One year I can be wearing a sundress, another, a snowsuit! Crazy April! I think all those jokes about not colouring the Easter eggs this year will apply!


  2. Me, too, re being friends with my ex-boyfriends. In fact, once one came to stay and because it snowed when he arrived, it ended up a long stay. And Mister got on with him so well that I could hardly get a word in edgeways! Mister is an ex-lawyer and the ex-boyfriend was a psychologist — they say the law can drive you nuts, so maybe some of the talking was therapy.


    • Ha ha! That’s a good one. How about this? My ex-husband sold his half of our house to Mick, and then we went to my other ex (the one mentioned in this post), who is a notary, to sign the house papers, notarize our divorce (I did my own paperwork as it was beyond friendly and easy) and do our wills! In fact two of the ex-boyfriends came to Mick’s funeral so…

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  3. Living the good life… an almost complete hot tub, waxing poetic with the candles, and glorious cupcakes to boot. Then you went and saw “The Kingsmen” boy am I jealous. Its almost enough to make me want to invade Canada Dale.

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  4. Yes, snowing ice cubes I’ve heard. Now I know why the mounties wear those big smokey bear hats. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have one of those in your closet just for those kind of days. You must be wearing one of those everyday! Hang in there Dale Spring is around the corner, JUST GOTTA BE!


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