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Melting Away

Oh yes!  The weather is finally cooperating!  The sun is shining and the temperature is warm enough to start the “damage” ~ that springtime process of melting these mountains of snow!

I needed to get away from my kitchen, having been a slave to it since yesterday morning (returning to it after this short break!) so I went with Zeke for a small walk around the block, trying desperately NOT to step in too-deep puddles as my boots are “tired” and not very waterproof any more…

And, might I say, doing so with a big smile on my face?  Funny how NOT sad I am about getting my feet wet…

I couldn’t decide on the one picture for my haiku (because suddenly, my thoughts have been going in 5-7-5…) so here are three!

Happy Melting!

35 thoughts on “Melting Away

        • I’d like to NOT imagine it anymore! We were planning on eventually becoming Snowbirds. I think I’ll keep that plan. Oh, we’ve had sun… just the kind that came with body-numbing coldness… now at least there is warmth!

          • Snowbirds– an excellent plan. 🙂 I live in FL so I am VERY familiar with the concept lol– do come for a visit, you are sure to thaw in record time!! ❤

          • Oh I know you do! And I can well imagine… has your French improved since all the Quebeckers take over in the Winter? 😉 I’d love to come for a visit!

          • lol~ wellllll not so much I’m afraid, Spanish is something I’m quite a bit more fluent in 😉 Seriously you must let me know if you are ever down, I live very close of Mickey and Minnie, who regularly come to tea. ❤

          • 😀 and the beaches are really close as well- the perfect va-ca for you and your boys 🙂

          • Oh indeed! We were in FL last Christmas and New Year’s (Christmas in the Keys and New Year’s in Naples) so definitely want to do it again…

          • Loved them both…in 2009 we did the Disney thing and a few (OK,many) years before that, Ormond Beach…

          • OK yea, I know Ormond, I haven’t been there in a couple years- – definitely let me know if you’re in the area, I’ll buy us coffee 🙂

  1. Oh yes … as we complain about the snow, we also don’t like the mess that accompanies the melt … thus a double lose … but hey … let’s focus on the warmer weather.

    We have a warmer week, and even rain today … so it is a bit sloppy out there … but I’ll take the transition.

    • Oh we do. There is quite the mess and stink (well there will be) and no doubt there will be complaining about that eventually but yes, let’s focus on the warmer weather.
      I’ll take it too!

  2. “Haiku addiction” — no cure needed.
    For me, they are the simple medicine I need to balance my overcrowded mind.
    I really like that haiku about the melting snow, so keep writing those little poems, Dale 🙂

    • Oooh! Coming from a real writer, I take that compliment most graciously! I swear, I walk and compose, get home, forget what it was I composed and come up with something else! I really should tape myself, eh? Between the dog leash and the camera, I can’t hold the phone too…

      • Ever heard of brain gym? Of course you can manage the phone too 😉 When I’ve composed a haiku while out walking, if I see anyone with a “garrulous” label stuck to them, I cross to the other side of the street with a preoccupied expression on my face. I can just about manage a short “hello” or “good morning” without forgetting a haiku, but nothing more.

    • Oh I hear you! You should have seen me jump out of the way when I saw a car coming. The driver looked the type who would not slow down despite the “lake” in his path… Yes! I want BUDS!

  3. Melting indeed, Dale! We had a nine-foot icicle hanging off the roof and it’s been reduced to a rather annoying drip. But I was scared for my life when it was like a giant dagger! Glad you’re getting out and about, and I know Zeke appreciates it!

    • Icicles are beautiful – when they are far from our paths. Too high up or out of reach to break it off? Nine feet! Yowza!
      Oh yes. Out and about!

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