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Duck and Cover… or Trip and Roll

The morning started off fairly cold and I decided, once I stopped procrastinating, to take Zeke for a short walk before starting on my closet purge.  It is, after all, Clean Your Closets Week, according to Frank.  And, should I take too long to decide to do them, well, I do have the rest of the week!

We had had quite the snowfall on Saturday night and all the trees were quite pretty (if we can still say pretty after all these months!) so I was focused on taking a picture of the tree instead of the steps of my stoop.  My mistake.

With a yelp and a twist of the ankle, down I went onto my knees with a roll onto my back, all the while protecting my camera!  Must have been a pretty sight!  Were there witnesses? I don’t think so.  Zeke just watched me from his usual perch, barely flicking an eyebrow.  Uncouth brute.

I checked my left knee, which got the brunt of it, and it seemed OK, though a piece of skin was lifted.  How the heck does that happen, through pants and without ripping them?  Not being a wuss, I picked myself up and off we went to the Industrial Park, my destination of choice when I don’t feel like going to far.

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By the time I got home, my knee was feeling pretty stiff. Maybe I should have put something on it after all… was now looking pretty raw.   Perfect excuse to NOT clear my closet!  Guess that has become tomorrow’s task!

I call it, not stressing over the details and going with the flow.  Others may call it laziness.

Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.


37 thoughts on “Duck and Cover… or Trip and Roll

    • Oh I hear you! Between the years of figure skating, track and field, volleyball, etc. the knees are done. And I thank you, the knee knock has left a scab which will heal. The closets can wait. Mainly because I just don’t feel like it! Though I will eventually have to get my ducks in a row if I want to move forward and outward. Just, not today!

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  1. Oh, the lengths we go to for a good shot, eh, Dale? I’ve hit my head on our dining room wrought iron chandelier while taking overhead shots of food…”ouch!!!” is an understatement! Glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

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    • Mostly my ego (though I do have a scab!) I’m fairly certain I was quite gracefulless in my roll… 😛


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