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Monday Meeting — Love Has No Labels

Some of you have seen this video on Facebook, some elsewhere, It is a powerful message and one I believe in. Love is love!

Soul Gatherings

There are few images more evocative of the human body than a skeleton. But it’s easy to disassociate this image with actual people.

In the “Love Has No Labels” PSA featured in the video above, the skeleton is used as a symbolic reminder that — simply put — we’re all human, despite our varying identities. The yearlong initiative aims to call out some of our latent biases and prejudices.

As “Love Has No Labels” says in its mission: “Before anything else, we are all human. It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.”

To help underscore their point, the Ad Council and R/GA, a New York-based ad agency, set up a large X-ray screen outside in Santa Monica, California, this past Valentine’s Day. The display shows skeletons kissing, dancing, holding hands and hugging behind the screen. These images were initially more puzzling than moving…

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