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Gratitude Sunday – March 29, 2015

Instead of my usual snowy pictures (I am SO done with those images, even though some of them taken this week were quite nice), I shall torment you with last night’s menu…  I was quite pleased with the result…

OK, OK… I have to include at least one picture from one of our walks…maybe two!


Gratitude List

  1. Soooo grateful to both Andre and Bill for coming over to fix my old car ~ change the alternator strap ~ all for the price of a meal and a bottle of wine!

  2. Though it cost me two hours of my time, another little piece of the Estate is done.

  3. I have been doing more writing challenges and finding out I just may have some talent.

  4. My baby got his first job! Now the two boys are working part-time…

  5. I’m happy I went to my first Mary Kay meeting and it confirmed that this will be a nice little sideline to get out of the house and see people.  I need me some people!

  6. The menu above was served to lovely friends, Tammy & Andre and Armen (sans Sandi, unfortunately, as she had to take care of her father.  Fingers crossed things go well for him!)  A fire in the fireplace, great company, good food and wine; how better to cap off the week-end!

30 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – March 29, 2015

  1. Dale, you amaze me with your upbeat determination to stay connected and active in your season of loss and sorrow. Although we don’t all cope in the same way, you are an inspiration to me. Your cooking photos definitely cause saluvation. If only I were close enough to trade estate and tax consulting for those delicious meals 😍

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  2. Hello Dale, What an extarordinarily nice list! Glad to hear you had such a good week. Congrats to your son too!
    Wishing you all the best,

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    • I should have written a warning then? Something along the lines of “warning. Reading of this post may cause rummaging through one’s fridge and mindless eating”!


      • An addiction I’m already guilty of which my developing spare tire is reminding me of and all too frequently it seems. I think I’m going to be like Dracula and take to breaking all the mirrors in the house.


        • Oh don’t go there! You know that expression “Never trust a skinny chef?” Well… that should NOT exist because I feel I will lose all credibility if I am nice and slim (or so my body/mind seem to be in cahoots to making me think!) I have been working my best to whip those thoughts OUT of me… have joined a gym. Have gone to the restaurant twice this week so far… battle will not easily be won, I fear.


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