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Friday Fictioneers – Dreams

 Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100



It never failed.  The train passed by exactly at four o’clock every afternoon while I lazed away in the field, dreaming, hiding from my chores.  I imagined myself hopping on it one day, taking me away from here.

I wanted to see the world. I was going to GO places! The city was calling me: the hustle and bustle of “real” life was out there, not here in this endless nothingness. I was ready to go out there and see it for myself. Mom wanted me to go out there and find what I was looking for.

Then Dad died.

Friday Fictioneers:  100 Word Stories

Photo prompt:  Copyright © Jennifer Pendergast

70 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Dreams

    • Thank you, kind sir. It took me forever to come up with something for this image. 100 words doesn’t give much room. Some of the other writers are simply amazing. I am striving…

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      • But that’s the fun part or challenge of writing micro fiction, right? 😊 I think you may underestimate this piece. If the object is to tell a story in 100 words you certainly did that, with a great hook at the end. It opens up all kinds of possibilities in the readers mind. Mission accomplished.

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  1. All too often in life cruel exigencies prevent dreams from being realised. I felt sorry for the girl and wanted to know what happened to her. Doubtless she felt beholden to stay with her Mum.
    Well done, Dale, for making me wonder.

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    • Thank you, Satah. It happened to a former co-worker. That obligation which prevented her from “going out there”…


    • Dear Rochelle,
      Thanks so much. To think I had so much trouble getting this one going!
      Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thank you Vivi. It’s funny… I thought my story was lame at first; now I must change my mind as the feedback has been so positive.


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  3. This was a tough prompt for me too. It’s odd, but some of the FFs I just think are so-so get rave reviews, and some I think are very good don’t rate too high with the readers. That’s writing for you. 🙂
    As for this piece, it was the final line that pushed it over the top. We all have these dreams and plans, then life happens and everything changes. You showed us that brilliantly. Well done.


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