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Sunday Gratitude – April 12, 2015

All kinds of emotions were going this week.  Highs and lows and in-betweens.  I guess, we could call it a normal week!

I’m getting more into the whole Mary Kay thing, which deep-down I didn’t think I’d do, to tell the truth.  I was afraid it would be a little too rah-rah-rah for me but turns out it’s just enough!  Still haven’t had my official launch but I’m OK with that.  I’m still in the reading/learning stage.  Every event I attend, everything I read brings me closer to feeling ready to go out there and do my thing.

The weather is finally being nice to us in this neck of the woods!  The snow is mostly gone ~ all that’s left are the shady areas that the sun just can’t reach.  Still, the warmth will take care of those “problem areas” this week that’s for sure.  It puts a smile on faces everywhere which is definitely far from a bad thing!



Gratitude List

  1. Super happy to have gotten my new wheels on Tuesday.  Woot!
  2. At fairly regular intervals I’ve been lunching or supping with friends/clients of Mick’s.  Wednesday was a truly lovely time with Pierre V., who misses his buddy big time but was finally able to see me.  He reminded me of Mick’s shake of the head while quasi-growling “Non” when he knew he was right about something and others tried to convince him he wasn’t.  The rest of the evening we would alternate between “non”.  The good memories keep piling up.
  3. It’s funny, I had a hard time coming up with a story to go with this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.  I felt it was just OK and the response was so positive.  Go figure!
  4. Saturday’s Mary Kay Coast-to-Coast meeting at Place Bonaventure was quite the initiation to the “Family”.  I never saw so many pink cars in a parking lot in my life!  Quite inspiring to listen to some of these women’s stories and how they built their businesses, many times overcoming some truly difficult times.
  5. I am beyond grateful to Julie and Gabrielle (lovely neighbours) who insisted I get off my arse and go dancing at La Tulipe with them and some of their friends.  Despite having to pop a couple of Advils to ease my throbbing feet, I had a most fun time and danced for four hours straight!  (And, bonus ~ got hit on by a very handsome younger man!  Talk about an ego boost….)
  6. Today was so gorgeous out, I was able to bring a chair outside and read a page or two in the sun…

46 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – April 12, 2015

  1. Great list, Dale. I try to count my blessings every day. It helps keep life in perspective. I have a dry erase board in my office and keep the phrase “Attitude of Gratitude” written across the top as a constant reminder.

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had a good week with happy newness – your car and MaryKay – and sharing memories with Mick’s friend who misses him as you do. Looks like you are hitting a healthy balance. 🙂

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  3. Hi Dale. I like your photo of snow and green. It’s a great shot of winter and spring both trying to keep control.
    I’m new to your blog. It sounds like you have recently lost a loved one and are picking up the pieces. Good for you. I know it’s hard, but it sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and good friends who are there for you.
    Blessing to you.


    • Welcome Phyllis (or should I write Phylils? 😉 )! Thank you, it was what I was trying to convey after this never-ending winter we had!
      I did. After 19 1/2 years together, my husband passed away just before Christmas. It’s been a challenge and yes, I am definitely picking up the pieces. It’s what I do! Family and friends (and the blogging community) have been a huge blessing and help!

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