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Enjoying Spring

There may still be little mounds of snow ~ but only in places where it was piled to clear out parking lots.  The rest is GONE!  Woot!  We’ve been hitting temps in the double-digits – positive double digits.  It’s amazing to see the difference in attitudes.  Oh, I almost always get a “bonjour” in return to my “bonjour” but now it is almost always accompanied by a big smile.  And even though we don’t want to talk about the weather, it had been such a painfully cold and miserable winter that we cannot help but rejoice that spring has finally sprung!

In two different walks, Zeke and I came upon a few flowers making their appearance…

There were spaces to run around


Oh?  There is water under my feet?  Really?


We then went to our river, the hidden part, and enjoyed the shadows and played “Hide and Seek”

What?  I look wet?  I don’t understand!


You can’t see me, can you?


I’m just having a drink of water!


If I run around, crazy-like, I’ll dry off!


See?  Not that bad, right?


Spring is to be enjoyed…even if it means extra vacuuming for me!


37 thoughts on “Enjoying Spring

  1. Glad you’re finally seeing some hope of spring. Hard to believe you still have some mounds of snow where you are but at least they’re disappearing. Have a great weekend, Dale.

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    • They are the ugly, filthy mounds that take forever as there is so much dirt from cleaning the parking lots (kind of works like sawdust in keeping it from melting). You have a wonderful weekend too, George!


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