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Friday Fictioneers – Loss

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  99


© Roger Bultot

It has always been my biggest fear.  Rob me, flood me, I care not; but fire?

Sitting on the curb, arms wrapped around each son, ever thankful our smoke detectors were properly serviced, we watched in horror as our home burned, along with everything we owned. We watched in gratitude as the firemen did their job to stop it and prevent it from spreading to the neighbours.

I watched as everything I had to remind me of my first-born and husband disappeared. I held on to my living boys but only my memories would remain of Austin and Mick.

Friday Fictioneers:  100-word Stories 

Photo Prompt:  Copyright © Roger Bultot

54 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Loss

    • I have to say, of anything that could happen, fire is the one that scares me to no end. I truly know exactly where my one little album of Austin is and well, the family ones are a little all over the place. Would I be able to grab them? Probably not and deep down, is that what is truly important? Still.


    • I’m glad too!! It must have been totally devastating. We hang on to things and they say it’s not important. But we know it is. Those minimalists out there who don’t need souvenirs, kudos to them. Not my case, though!


    • Ha ha! I hear ya..gotta love our electronic devices sometimes…

      Thank you, Sarah. Didn’t want to scare you but am kind of chuffed I managed to at the same time!

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  1. Well done, Dale. At least the smoke detectors worked, and she and her two boys were safe. I can only imagine how devastating a fire can be. Hopefully someone she knows can replace some of the photos of her husband and first child. Very good story. — Suzanne

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  2. This is so well-written. I like how it is about the loss from the fire and then at the end you bring in another loss – the husband and first son – adding a whole other layer of depth to the story. Well done 🙂

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  3. I share your great fear of fire. It can take everything so remorselessly. Like other commenters, I was relieved that the story was fiction, but also saddened to read that you had actually lost your husband and son. You have written this so well and with real feeling. 🙂

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