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A Walk Before the Rains

They are calling for a most dreary week, weather-wise. Rain every day for the full week.  On the plus side, all that brown grass will be brought to life and transformed into lovely shades of green.  (One can always look at the bright side!)  April showers and all that….

Soooo, instead of going to the gym first thing, Zeke and I discussed it and decided it would be best to go for the walk before it started to rain!

I swear, it felt more like Fall than Spring!  Ran into a gentleman that we know through Iain’s grass-mowing days and I filled him in on the Winter’s Happenings.  He was saddened and worried for his former “employee”.  Bummer for Zeke is we ended up talking longer than he would have liked and the walk turned into a turn around the larger block!  Oh well…

We did manage to see the little budding flowers (no way I can compete with those of you in Ireland, Portland, England, etc.) and, though the light was not the best, I did get a few pics in.

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Except for the red branch and the violets, all were taken in my front yard.  The little white flowers just popped up.  Have no clue what they are and, though I spent some time on the Internet trying to identify them, I did not succeed!

Have a most marvellous day, all!



18 thoughts on “A Walk Before the Rains

  1. Hello Dale,

    I’m as frustrated with the weather as you are. (I live in Massachusetts.) Thank goodness for the spring flowers and buds, and the budding green leaves.

    Enjoyed your slideshoW!
    Wishing you well,

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    • Sooo…. a friend of mind checked with a gardener friend of hers and my “I don’t know” flower is called a Scilla! I Googled it and got this: Striped squill (Puschkinia scilloides) resembles scilla, which is also called Siberian squill. I like the blue stripe on the petals, which is how the plant gets its common name. These flowers are slightly fragrant. The squills come from Europe and Asia

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