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Friday Fictioneers – The Gloaming

 Genre:  Fiction

Word count: 100

The Gloaming

© Douglas M. MacIlroy

© Douglas M. MacIlroy

They told him he wouldn’t last a day out in that God-forsaken bit of nowhere.  He’d be bored to tears and lonely, they said.

He never could understand why people equated aloneness with loneliness.  They were worlds apart. He was totally comfortable being alone for long periods of time; didn’t mind his own company at all, to tell the truth! He did like people, he just preferred to be by himself.

He sat there admiring the gloaming, the twilight-like light that happened at this time of year, enthralled.

Never saw them coming. Zapped him up. All signs of him, gone.

Friday Fictioneers:  100-Word Stories

Word Prompt: Copyright © Douglas M. MacIlroy

61 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Gloaming

  1. Darn it, Dale, who are “they”?
    No, I don’t want the answer to that, as it’s more creepy not knowing. It’s like in some of those alien or paranormal movies, the monster is often a total letdown when it finally appears. Much better to leave things up to the imagination, which you’ve managed admirably.

    • Tjank you Sarah! Yes…”they” shall remain a mystery! 😉
      Now that I’ve finally published mine, I’m off to see yours! (I don’t like to read any beforehand as I do not want to be influenced!

      • I agree. Much better to read the others after, although there is a small chance that great minds think alike. Just as long as it doesn’t start a riot at some stage that runs like this …
        “You stole my idea.”
        “No, you stole mine.”
        “What time did you post yours?”
        “01:12 hours.”
        “Well, I posted mine at 01:06 hours, which makes you the thief.”
        Etc, etc, etc. 😉

        • Indeed. I think this is a good group though. It has happened that some had a basically similar idea. I’ve seen no evidence of the possibility of resorting to fisticuffs! 🙂

  2. Ooh , i was nodding along in agreement about how ‘alone’ differs from ‘lonliness’ and how much I enjoy being alone and am rarely lonely (i’m often more lonely when I’m with others than when I’m by myself!) when all if a sudden ‘THEY’ zap up the alone guy. Couldn’t they have taken a lonely guy instead who would at least enjoy their company. LEAVE US ALONE GUYS ALONE!!! 💥💃🏼🏄🏼🚴🏼😱😁. Just sayin’ 😀😀. Good story !!

  3. LOL, I’m with Sammy–I love being by myself and was totally relating, and then…the aliens snatched up the poor guy! Damn, I hate it when that happens! Can’t anybody get a moment’s peace? 🙂 This is a fun new side of you, Dale!

    • I dunno George! All you have to do is try… 😉
      Up in the air… up in the Universe, who know where it ended up, eh? 😛

  4. I love the way this reads, Dale. I’ve always enjoyed aloneness. As your character, I like contact with people, but there are times when being alone is preferable. Those are never times for feeling lonely.
    An intriguing ending, on all counts. Who ‘they’ are and where he has been zapped off to are left open to speculation – which is always good.

    • Thank you Millie! So true. One can be lonely in a crowd or alone in a vast territory. It’s all in how we see it and our comfort level.
      I have to admit when I started participating in these FF stories, I thought I’d totally suck. The fabulous feedback from readers like you has proved me wrong. Thank you!

      • We all love feedback, even if it’s to tell us something doesn’t quite work. it’s all grist to the mill for writers. Your story was ‘ace’ – as the youngsters say. You wrote it so well.

        • Well most of it! 😉 Some are not shy about really letting people know they did a typo or used the wrong word!
          I definitely thank you and am chuffed at being told I wrote an “ace” story! 😀

  5. Hmmmmm-I thought of aliens right away but that seemed too obvious. So then I thought the government – but that also seemed too obvious. And while the ending seemed sinister, the rest was peaceful and serene. So what if the snatchers were actually something positive?

  6. I experience the wonder of being alone as being most present to myself. I love to get lost in those moments. Beginning with your title “The Gloaming” and the stunningly beautiful picture, your words give substance to “being alone.” I like your ending that leaves everything open to individual interpretation. You have a real gift for writing. ❤

    • You know Björn, you may just have a point there… they must be less trouble if there is no one out to look for them!

  7. I like this, too, Dale! Really good. Atmospheric and mysterious. I think aloneness and loneliness are two very different things, indeed. It’s a shame about him disappearing though.

    • He can be zapped off to wherever your imagination wants to! I’d LOVE to be zapped off to a villa in Tuscany, surrounded by grape vines and olive trees, myself… 😉

  8. My wife has often accused me of being my own best friend. While I’m comfortable being around others, I require large doses of “me time” to keep the battery fully charged and operational. Many of my writer friends feel the same way.
    I hope he makes it back from wherever he was zapped to. That should make for an interesting story.

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