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Gratitude Sunday – April 26, 2015

Was a mostly wet week but that’s all good.  The little tiny bit of snow that may have existed under piles of cedar has finally disappeared.  There were spurts of sunshine and one must take advantage of those, that’s for sure!  Stories were written and read, movies were enjoyed with each of my boys and all in all, another good week.

Gratitude List

  1. Iain got to learn how to change tires with his Godfather.  So grateful there are many male influences hanging around to teach my boys “guy stuff”!
  2. Got great feedback on my little writings ~ always feels good to get confirmation.
  3. Got to spend an evening with each one of my boys, just the two of us, dining together and watching movies.
  4. On Wednesday’s walk, between rainfalls, Zeke and I ran into this fabulous older gentleman who just regaled us (OK, just me) with stories.  All it took was a “Bonjour” and he was off!  He had the greatest smile.  Such a dapper fellow!
  5. Not only did the tires get changed on the old clunker (sorry Iain, I mean, your future fabulous car…) we got a meal to boot!  Thanks Tracy & Sébastien!


10 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – April 26, 2015

  1. Let the record show that this is the first post I visited (of all my options) since the attack of an evil WP gnome. So I am grateful for whatever initiate the events that caused me to accidentally discover the work by that gnome. Meanwhile, a lot of joy in that picture!

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  2. Well, I missed this, but I am so glad I found it this morning. My coffee is in hand, and such joy when I saw your photo of the dapper gent. Pleased no end. Fabulous life, Dale. You are putting it all together. Proud of you.


    • Well I am glad you found it too! He had such an aura of joy about him; truly a dapper gent. I have truly been making it my mission to stop and say hello. Quite ironic that I watched Super Soul Sunday with Brian Grazer who’s mission is to talk to one person per day that he doesn’t know. He just wrote a book called “The Curious Mind” that is going onto my “To Read” (the ever-growing) list.
      And, thank you.
      I must say, I am liking who I’m becoming.

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